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The 5 most confusing questions for beginners - how to wisely choose an electric tricycle

The 5 most confusing questions for beginners - how to wisely choose an electric tricycle

Electric tricycles are gaining popularity as an environmentally friendly and convenient mode of urban transportation. However, for beginners looking to purchase their first e-trike, there are often some confusing questions around features, specs, and options. Read on as we address the 5 most common dilemmas for e-trike newbies.


Foldable or Non-Foldable Frame?

Foldable frames make storage and transportation more convenient. But they tend to be less sturdy and have weight limits. Non-foldable frames are heavier but more durable for daily use. Consider your usage - a foldable frame is ideal if you need to store it in a small space or take it on a car.


Front, Rear or All Wheel Drive?

Front wheel drive models are the most common, providing good maneuverability. Rear wheel drive offers more traction and stability. All wheel drive allows even power distribution and traction, but is less common. Consider your riding terrain and needs.


Fat Tires or Thin Tires

Fat Tires
Fat tires are over 3 inches wide and designed for stability, traction and shock absorption. Their balloon-like profile cushions the ride by conforming over bumps and dips. Fat tires provide grip on loose or uneven surfaces like sand or snow. They are ideal for taking e-trikes off-road. However, the large tread results in more drag which reduces range per charge.

Thin Tires
Thin tires of around 1 inch wide are best suited for smooth roads and pavement. They have less rolling resistance which improves range. But they do not absorb impacts as well. Thin road tires offer a more direct feel of the terrain. Most urban e-trike models will have narrow tires optimized for commuting and errands.


Disc or Drum Brakes?

Disc brakes provide stronger braking power and are less affected by weather. They require less maintenance too. Drum brakes are cheaper but less powerful. Go with disc brakes for superior safety and braking.


Suspension or no Suspension?

Suspension absorbs bumps and shakes for a smoother ride. But it also adds weight and cost. No suspension gives a simpler, lighter e-trike. Evaluate your comfort needs and budget considerations.

If you wanna jump on the e-trike game and cruise in eco-style, Viribus has got your back. Peep their flagship rides - the Viribus Trio and Viribus Trio Plus - for some sweet deals.

Viribus Trio Electric Tricycle keeps it real affordable at just $889. It's rocking a 250W motor and handles so nice for quick trips. Viribus nailed the classic vibe that never goes out of style, making the Trio awesome for newbies.

When you're ready to take it up a notch, Viribus Trio Plus Electric Tricycle amps up the power for only $989. We're talking a super gnarly 350W motor, dual disc brakes to keep you safe, and an adjustable stem so you can dial in your perfect fit. Viribus Trio Plus Electric Tricycle totally crushes it on power and range.

These Viribus e-trikes are sick - they blend rad futuristic looks with solid frames and smart details like cargo racks and lightin'. The lithium-ion batteries pack long range and fast charging. Viribus also dishes out awesome support so your rides stay stress-free.

The deal? Viribus brings insane value and quality to the table. Their e-trikes make green commuting fun and fresh. If you want a convenient ride that also looks hecka cool, Viribus has got you hooked up. Grab your perfect model and get rolling in eco-style!

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