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"Every Viribus bicycle undergoes 100,000+ shock tests before leaving our factory, guaranteeing its durability and reliability. At Viribus, our goal is to provide affordable, sturdy, and practical bicycles for all consumers, combining practicality and style."

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  • Charles Ramsay

    After much research, I went with Viribus trike. The quality was just excellent. Bill and Carla were great. I have taken the trike on 3 rides in last 3 days (30miles). Very happy with my purchase.


  • Roger Adams

    I have no bad things to write about this trike. It has been a solid bike so far. Easy to put together and a lot of fun to ride.

  • Heidi Noyes

    We love it so much that we bought another one.

  • Amy Priddy

    This is an incredible trike and the best value on the market for the specs that you get. It is a very well-made bike. It looks durable, it's fun to ride and the design and comfort is superb! I would highly recommend getting this bike. I'm getting one for myself next week.


  • Jodie Jenkins

    Looking for an e-trike thats well-suited to neighborhood, urban, and city use? Heres my pick for the city electric tricycle. A comfort, style, fun, and economy etrike with feature-complete. Upright riding with a wide view of the road and surroundings makes cruising a joy.


  • ReGina Evans

    The peddle assist is a little too helpful, even on the higher gears but still enjoy the bike. Good thing I was able to do a test ride.

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