Refund & Return Policy


All orders, including pre-orders, will result in an immediate charge to your credit/debit card. Payment will be collected without any delay, regardless of when the item is expected to be shipped.

Use VIRIBUS' prepaid return shipping label and include the Return Authorization Form. Warranty issues must be resolved before returning.

Returns received after 30 days of delivery will not be accepted.

To cancel an order, please contact VIRIBUS customer service via email. Once approved, you'll receive a cancellation confirmation email. Please refrain from sending any return packages to VIRIBUS without receiving the cancellation notification email. VIRIBUS will not accept any shipments without prior request. Please note that you will be held responsible for any associated fees or losses incurred.


Free replacement:

If your package arrives with significant shipping damage (affecting functionality) or if you encounter missing parts, critical damage, or other quality-related issues, you can reject the package or contact our customer service team for assistance with replacements. To help us resolve the issue efficiently, please provide photos and/or videos as evidence.

*Critical damage refers to situations where the main structure of the product is visibly deformed, significantly affecting its regular functionality.

Note: the following situations will be seen as normal and will not apply to the free replacement or refund policy:

Please note that the following situations are not covered under the free replacement or refund policy:

A) Minor damage to the outer packaging.
B) Minor scratches or paint loss on the product.
C) Damage to parts or wearing parts after excessive use.
D) Normal wear and tear over time.

    You can request replacement or return within 30 days of receiving the item for non-quality issues. A 10% processing fee will be applied, except when placing a replacement order where it is waived. Please note that you are responsible for the cost of return shipping.

    The following items are non-returnable, but not limited to:

    A) Fashionable wear (hats, etc)
    B) All accessories
    C) Special orders
    D) Used items except in EXTREME cases of breakage/malfunction

    3. REFUND

    The amount refunded will be reduced by the full monetary value of the discount code that was applied to the original purchase, regardless of the number of e-bikes returned. It will be issued once we receive and inspect the product. Make sure to use our provided shipping label for approved returns. Please note: Returns must be packaged in the original packaging in order to be processed. Thank you for your cooperation!

    Only items purchased directly from VIRIBUSBIKES.COM online store will be accepted. For products purchased from authorized retailers, please contact them for returns.