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We Are Viribus Lab

Viribus Lab located in California. It's the secret headquarters of the Viribus Lab, the braintrust for Viribus Bikes.

They're the creators of innovative rides, like the Viribus Chubby electric fat bike, the Viribus Panther Electric Mountain Bike, Viribus Road Bikes, Adults Tricycles, Viribus Trio Electric Tricycle and the upcoming ones , a new one that some predict will change the ebike game forever.

How does this team of expert ebike enthusiasts do it? We're glad you asked. For the first time, we're giving you a peek inside the Viribus Lab.

100000 Shock Tests of Bike Frame

100,000+ Shock Tests of Bike Frame

Every Viribus bicycle undergoes 100,000+ shock tests before leaving our factory, guaranteeing its durability and reliability. At Viribus, our goal is to provide affordable, sturdy, and practical bicycles for all consumers, combining practicality and style.

During testing various service loads are simulated like: standing on the pedals, cyclic jumping, braking, impact and crash loads.

The most common form of frame failure is fatigue failure. Cyclic loads cause initiation and propagation of fatigue cracks, especially in the notch regions like weld toe & root. Depends on the bicycle type (mountain, racing, city) different tests are required to verify the design.

Structural Analysis of Welded Joints

Structural Analysis of Welded Joints

Knowing the stress range and material fatigue data we can accurately predict durability performance at the early design stage and efficiently improve the design to avoid potential issue during real testing.


Repetition Makes Excellence

  • Structural analysis with material nonlinearities and contact phenomena
  • Fatigue analysis of steel, aluminium ,composites components and welds
  • Impact analysis – fork and frame impact test
Viribus bike lab
Viribus Brakes Test

Viribus Brakes Test

We analyzed the braking performance of a pair of wheelsets from different dimensions, and tried to present the test results more intuitively through the way of data.
The test was conducted using Chaoyang outer tires with a uniform air pressure of 100 psi and a rear wheel pressure of 70 kg. The experimental machine was equipped with a fan, but the wind speed of the fan was far less than that of the actual ride and was negligible. Therefore, the conditions of the experimental test are more demanding than the real ride, and the wheelset is more likely to be damaged in the experimental test, while the real ride will have more air flow to take away the heat.

safe braking distance of the bicycle

Our attitude is rigorous to ensure the safe braking distance of the bicycle.

The experiment was divided into four parts: vigorous braking time under dry conditions, vigorous braking time under wet conditions, braking power under medium strength, and heat-resistant limit time under the same braking power.
Each test is conducted in 10 sets with 5 seconds interval between each set.

Viribus bicycle lab

Ride Beyond Boundaries

Viribus is committed to building an advanced laboratory in the industry. In addition to the EMC laboratory, Viribus Experimental Center has several laboratories such as Environmental Reliability Laboratory, Mechanical Reliability Laboratory, Motor Performance Laboratory, Aging Laboratory, Acoustics Laboratory, Complete Vehicle Laboratory, etc. The large-scale comprehensive laboratory deeply guarantees the stability of the products and effectively improves viribus' competitiveness in the market.


Change The Way You Travel

Leave behind the problem of traffic jam, travel without carbon, protect the green earth. Say goodbye to the crowded bus, enjoy the individual independent space, enjoy the city scenery, let the travel more free.


Change The Way You Ride

Hybrid cycling, pedal assist or walk assist model, let the ride be whatever you want. It's sure to gain huge popularity among consumers seeking a stylish and tech-forward electric tricycle.


Change Your Sports Way

Say goodbye to the excuse of no time to exercise, travel is a sport, say goodbye to the reason of no sports place, the road is a sports place.