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Electric tricycle & electric bike: everything you need to know

Electric tricycle & electric bike

Imagine silently gliding through city streets or down country roads powered by an electric motor instead of just your own two legs. Welcome to the wonderful world of electric bicycles and tricycles!

E-bikes and e-trikes are revolutionizing personal transportation - combining cycling freedom with electric convenience. But with two and three wheeled options now available, which design is right for you?

If you're torn between purchasing a zippy e-bike or ultra-stable adult electric tricycle, this comprehensive comparison will help you decide. 

Stability and Balance: Trikes Are Steady While E-bikes Are Agile

E-trikes shine for stability thanks to their three wheels. With three contact patches on the ground, you’re unlikely to ever tip over even at low speeds. This makes e-trikes ideal for new cyclists or riders concerned about falls.

In contrast, e-bikes require active balancing like a traditional bike. The responsive steering and tight turning radius provides an agile ride feel. But this also means you can topple over if you lose momentum or hit obstacles.

Cargo Hauling: Trikes Carry the Load

With their spacious rear deck, e-trikes can carry plenty of cargo. Most models hold over 100 pounds in back baskets or seats. You can haul pets, kids, groceries and more without compromising stability.

While e-bikes can mount baskets and racks, their lighter frames limit cargo capacity. Panniers and bike trailers help expand carrying capability but aren’t as integrated as e-trike storage.

Accessibility and Comfort: Trikes Are Easy to Mount and Ride

E-trikes also excel for accessibility thanks to step-through frames that allow walking right onto the seat. The upright seated posture distributes weight comfortably across your back, arms and legs.

E-bikes require lifting your leg over the frame which can be challenging for some. And you need to actively hold yourself upright, engaging core and leg muscles to find balance.

Speed and Power: E-Bikes Zoom Quicker

With lighter frames, e-bikes tend to offer faster speeds assisted up to 20-28 mph based on motor and bike style. Quick acceleration and tight handling give e-bikes an athletic, thrilling ride feel.

E-trikes reach lower top speeds of 15-20 mph but the stability provides confidence when riding fast. Their heft impacts acceleration and hill climbing though.

By the way, E-bikes are faster than E-trikes. Based on this, in terms of brake system and suspension system, we need to pay more attention. Viribus Breeze Step-Thru Electric Bike could be a good example. It’s equipped with disc brakes and front shock.

Disc brakes give you strong, reliable stopping power in any conditions - unlike rim brakes which can lose performance. This improves control and safety.

Meanwhile, front shocks absorb impacts from bumps and jolts before they reach your hands and body. This cushions the ride, reducing fatigue over long distances and rough terrain.

Together, disc brakes and front suspension make your e-bike ride more comfortable, capable and versatile. You'll enjoy enhanced braking, reduced fatigue, and improved handling for a premium cycling experience.

Therefore, if you want to choose an E-bike, Viribus Breeze Step-Thru Electric Bike might be a good option.

Electric tricycle& & electric bike recommendation

E-bike Recommendation

Viribus Breeze Step-Thru Electric Bike

As mentioned earlier, the Viribus Breeze Step-Thru Electric Bike is a great choice because it comes with disc brakes and a front shock, and you'll enjoy enhanced braking, reduced fatigue, and improved handling for a premium ride.

E-trike Recommendation

Viribus Trio Electric Tricycle

Viribus Trio Electric Tricycle - Affordable sub-$900 electric trike lowers cost of ultra-stable e-bikes in the US

  • Cost - At $889, the Viribus Trio is the most affordable model of the three trikes compared. This makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Motor - With a 250W peak 500W motor, the Viribus Trio offers adequate power for most riding needs. It strikes a nice balance without being overpowered.
  • Battery - The 360Wh lithium battery provides a respectable max range of 30 miles. This matches the range of the pricier SixThreeZero model.
  • Throttle - The removable half twist throttle offers smooth speed control. This is a better throttle option than the basic thumb throttle on the SixThreeZero.
  • Tires - Puncture-resistant tires add durability and prevent flat tires out on the road. Provides added peace of mind.
  • Brakes - Front V-brakes combined with rear braking give reliable stopping power. An effective braking system.
  • Frame - Its lightweight yet durable steel frame keeps weight reasonable at 70lbs for easy maneuverability.
  • Drivetrain - The single speed simplifies use and requires less maintenance than multi-speed models.
  • Value - Most importantly, the Viribus Trio provides excellent value by delivering great performance and features at an affordable price point.

Discover which matches your priorities for comfort, capability and budget. Discern if you'd thrive more on two wheels or three!

By the end, you'll have clarity on whether an agile e-bike lets you ride further and faster, or a sturdy step thru electric bike provides the relaxed stability you desire. The open road awaits - let's find your perfect electric companion to cruise in style!

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