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Viribus Trio Plus E-Tricycle for Adults for Sale
Viribus Trio Plus Electric Tricycle, Dual Chain
Sale priceFrom $799.00 Regular price$1,299.00
Save $480.00
Viribus Trio Electric Tricycle
Viribus Trio Electric Tricycle
Sale price$779.00 Regular price$1,259.00
Save $400.00
Viribus DuoSense City E-Bike Commuter Bikes Electric Cruiser Bike
Viribus DuoSense Electric City Bike
Sale price$999.00 Regular price$1,399.00
Save $400.00
Viribus Step-Through EBike Electric Cruiser Bike Easier To Board
Viribus Breeze Step-Thru Electric Bike
Sale price$799.00 Regular price$1,199.00
Save $100.00
Viribus 7-Speed Tricycle for Adults
Viribus Adult Tricycle 7-Speed, Dual Chain
Sale price$299.00 Regular price$399.00
Save $110.00
Viribus Folding Adult Tricycle Discover the Stability and Portability
Viribus Folding Adult Tricycle 7 Speed
Sale price$289.00 Regular price$399.00
Save $46.00
Viribus Adult Tricycle Single Speed, Single Chain
Viribus Adult Tricycle Single Speed, Single Chain
Sale price$253.00 Regular price$299.00
Save $400.00
Viribus Panther Mountain Electric Bike for Sale Black e mountain bike
Viribus Panther Electric Mountain Bike
Sale price$599.00 Regular price$999.00
Viribus Best Adults Tricycle Three Wheel Bike for Women Men on Sale
Viribus Adult Tricycle 7-Speed, Single-Chain
Sale price$279.00 Regular price$389.00
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Viribus Getaway Plus Full Suspension Fat Tire Electric Folding Bike
Viribus Getaway Plus Full Suspension Electric Folding Bike
Sale price$644.00 Regular price$1,199.00


Match your lifestyle and ride needs

We know that different riders have different needs. While all of our bikes are great for multi-use situations, some models have special features. Electric folding bikes are designed to fit in RVs, trunks, small apartments or other compact spaces. Electric city and commuter bikes are designed for urban travel, reducing car trips, and saving you gas money. Electric off-road and all-terrain bikes are designed for camping trips, hunting, fishing, and light mountain biking.

In addition, we also design step-through electric bike models that make it easier to mount and dismount the bike and enhance mobility for all kinds of riders. All of our electric bikes can be used to climb hills easier, cover long distances, and haul cargo without getting tired.


250W (Peak 500W)

350W (Peak 650W)

500W (Peak 1000W)


36V 10Ah

36V 10Ah

48V 15Ah


21.7 – 30 mi.

21.7 – 30 mi.

40 – 80 mi.


Front V Brake, Rear Drum Brake

Dual Disc Brakes

Dual Disc Brakes

Rider Height

5'4'' ~ 6'2''

5'5'' ~ 6'3''

5'5'' ~ 6'5''