About Us


Viribus company has been operating in the Bicycles and electric bicycles market for two decades. For the last 20 years, we are one of the leading companies in the bicycle industry. After years of hard work, it's time to change.

Viribus is a socially responsible company and we have been helping veterans return to their lives.

Viribus originated from the story of the Afghan veterans, we saw the heroes who fought in the war overseas in Afghanistan and came back with serious physical injuries. They fought bravely in Afghanistan, and the unfortunate soldiers even suffered bomb attacks. The brave boys who returned from the war suffered all kinds of injuries, some blindness, tinnitus, PDSD, disabled thighs and even never being able to cycle again. We had to do something, they needed more care.

We designed electric bikes for cycling enthusiasts, which can let the boys continue to find the feeling of chasing the wind.

For the senior citizens, we developed the electric tricycle to meet their daily commuting requirements; for the fitness crowd, we developed the man muscle bike - gravel road bike. In order to avoid the embarrassing situation that the bike was stolen, we developed a new folding bike, which is lighter and smaller after folding without reducing the off-road performance, which is convenient to store at home and office.

Our design philosophy is strong, practical and beautiful. Our goal is to build a top five brand in the U.S. domestic market.