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65-year-old man tested Viribus brand electric tricycle for 2 months

review Viribus electric tricycle for 2 months

As a 65 year old looking for an easy and fun way to get around town, I decided to purchase the Viribus Trio electric tricycle. The step-through frame and electric assist make mounting the Trio very simple and comfortable for me.

After riding my new Viribus trike for the past two months, I find it to be both enjoyable and practical transportation for my needs. The 250W motor provides a nice little boost to help me along on rides to the store and park. I really appreciate the smooth acceleration and intuitive controls.

My Trio arrived with a couple minor issues - a slightly bent fender and some scratches from shipping. But Viribus has outstanding customer service. They quickly sent replacement parts and provided guidance to get the fender fixed and scratches touched up.

The white color looks classy and the included rear basket lets me easily transport groceries and other cargo. I added mirrors and a phone holder to customize my Trio. The seating position keeps me upright and visible to traffic.

I love how fun and easy this e-trike is to ride. The motor provides good acceleration and the battery lasts plenty long between charges. I like Viribus newer models Trio Plus with disc brakes and dual chain drive even more. But overall this is a high quality electric tricycle at a fair price.

As an older rider, I feel very stable and safe on this tricycle. The price was also very reasonable in my opinion. The team at Viribus was helpful explaining the features and making sure I got the right fit. I'm glad I went with their Trio model.

I would certainly recommend the Viribus Trio to other seniors looking for assisted personal transportation. It provides independence and exercise while running errands or just taking leisurely rides around the neighborhood. A fun and practical electric trike!

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