Where to ride your Viribus bikes

Where to ride your Viribus bikes

Where you ride your bikes depends on any number of things, including your location, what type of bikes you own, and your comfort level. See below for our suggestions for each bike category.


Paved Paths
Flat or low-grade terrain
Well-maintained packed dirt trails
Limestone or gravel trails

E-bikes are made to be ridden on the same terrain as the type of bike you choose. If you get a electric tricycle it will be able to go on both paved and unpaved paths. Whether you are taking your Viribus e-trike for a ride around the neighborhood or a commute through the city streets, you will be ready to go even further with the extra boost of power, but be sure to check your local laws on where electric bikes are allowed to be ridden.

Electric 3 Wheel Tricycle

Motor: 500W Peak Power

Battery: 360 Wh

Range: 21 Miles

2 Years Warranty

Price: $1199



Mountain Bike Trails
Rugged Trails

Mountain bicycles are the perfect companion for rugged trails and handle rough terrain very well. Built to handle rocks, roots, and other gnarly bumps in the road, a Viribus mountain bike is at home off-road.

Many people buy a mountain bike with a main intention of riding them on bike trails; however, most bike riders want to know if they can ride their mountain bike on the street.

Whether they want to take their bike for a spin around the block or simply ride it on the road to get to the trail, it’s a completely valid concern! And I’m here to answer the question and address the concern.

Whether it is a mountain bike, electric tricycle, commuter electric bike, or any other type of bike, it is always meant to be ridden. With that being said, it is absolutely possible to ride a mountain bike on the street.

However, every type of bike is built to be better at certain things, and mountain bikes are built to be the best bikes for riding on mountains and bike trails.

It’s kind of like shoes…different shoes are better for different things. Basketball shoes are great for playing ball, running shoes are great for running, and walking shoes are the best for walking. But you can wear any type of shoes to do anything and they’ll still get the job done.

If you ride your MTB on the street, it will get the job done and allow you to travel from one place to another! There will be a few downsides, but it will definitely get the job done!

Mountain Electric Bike 

Motor: 650W Peak Power

Battery: 499 Wh

Range: 37 Miles


Price: $699



Soft Sands

Thick Grass

Heavy Rain

Slippery Snow Surface

Steep Rocks Face

Whether it's snow, sand, mud, or even just wet pavement, a fat bike can handle it. Thanks to the oversized wheels, which provide extra traction and stability. Dirt trails and technical terrains are no problem for a fat bike, and you'll be able to ride in places that other bikes simply can't go.

All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike

Motor: 1000W Peak Power

Battery: 624 Wh

Range: 65 Miles

Color: Black / Blue

Price: $1199





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