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Step through electric bikes & step over ebike? What's the best option for me?

Step through electric bikes & step over ebike? What's the best option for me?

1. What is a Step Through Electric Bike?

Saddle up and let me explain this totally tubular new ride!

A step through electric bike, also known as a low-entry frame ebike, is a rad new type of electric bicycle designed with a low or missing top tube. This lets you easily step through the frame to mount up and cruise away. The step through ebike has made a triumphant comeback thanks to electric power taking cycling to a gnarly new level!

History of Step Through Ebikes

Step through frames first appeared in the late 1800s as "women's bicycles" so ladies could avoid flashing some leg while mounting up. But as skirts got shorter, these bikes got ditched for standard diamond frames.

Like a righteous mullet haircut, the step through is now back in style! By merging an old school step through frame with new school electric power, this tubular combo has created a fresh way to ride in serious style.

Benefits of Step Through Ebikes

Step through electric bikes put some rad new tricks in your riding repertoire:

  • Mount and dismount with ease - no more clunky leg-swinging!
  • Post up in a comfortable upright position and just chill.
  • Stop and go with confidence thanks to the lower standover height.
  • Roll in dresses, skirts, robes, and other far out gear without catching a pedal.
  • Sport a vintage vibe reminiscent of yesteryear's bikes.
  • Weigh less than the hefty hog traditional electric bikes.
  • Haul kids, pets, and beach supplies with room galore!

Popular Step Through Ebike Models

Major ebike makers are pumping out totally tubular step through models. Prices range from around $1000 to over $5000 for gnarly high-end step through rides.

Before dropping hard-earned cash, test ride different step throughs to find your perfect fit. Dial in the right mix of motor, battery, gears, and accessories to match your riding aspirations. Then ride on in style on the primo step through ebike tailored just for you!

2. Are Step Through Ebikes Only For Women?

Bust out those bloomers and bonnets - step through ebikes are back in a big way! But before you saddle up and ride sidesaddle, hear this: step throughs aren't just for women anymore.

Originally designed for Victorian-era ladies to accommodate modest petticoats and riding gowns, the step through frame has shed its old-fashioned image. These bikes let you glide through the frame to mount up, sans unseemly leg-swinging.

While step throughs evoke a sense of refinement, today they're preferred by all types of stylish and sensible riders. With the rise of electric bikes, the step through has stepped back into the spotlight.

Turns out their low standover height offers perks for everyone! Commuters, delivery workers, and other frequent mounters/dismounters adore the easy on/off access. Plus, the comfy upright posture is a crowd pleaser.

Though step throughs still accommodate skirts with grace, that's just one small part of their charm. So gents, don't be afraid to channel your inner gentleman on this elegant comeback kid of a bike.

Ladies, keep riding in comfort and style. And non-binary friends, step on through to a ride designed for universal accessibility and vintage vibes.

Give step through ebikes a spin - you just might find the perfect electric two-wheeled companion!


3. Step Through Bikes Recommendation- Viribus Breeze Step-Thru EBike

Searching for an affordable electric bike that doesn't skimp on features? The Viribus Breeze Step-Thru deserves a close look. When compared to pricier models like the RadRunner Plus and RadCity 5 Plus, the Viribus packs surprising value at a budget-friendly price.

Cost Savings

First up, you'll save hundreds choosing the Viribus. At only $889, it provides major cost savings over the $1,800+ Rad bikes. For riders watching their wallet, this price difference can be pivotal.

Motor Power

But cost savings doesn't mean sacrificing performance. The Viribus has a 48V 500W motor with 1,000W peak power. This gives you plenty of acceleration and hill climbing capacity for everyday riding needs.

Battery Range

The 624Wh battery provides an approximate 45 mile range per charge. That's on par with the Rad batteries that come with a much higher price tag.


You also get quality components like mechanical disc brakes for controlled stopping and 7-speed gearing for versatile shifting. The removable throttle lets you zip along at up to 20mph when you need an extra burst of speed.


We can't forget comfort. The step-through frame makes mounting and dismounting a breeze. The upright riding posture and cushioned saddle keep your rides relaxed.


At just 75.6 pounds, the Viribus shaves precious weight off the 77 pound Rad models. Less mass equals improved maneuverability and portability.

All in all, the Viribus Breeze Step-Thru Electric Bike succeeds in delivering an affordable price paired with quality performance and riding comfort. If you want electric power without breaking the bank, put this hardy ebike on your test ride list. Once you try it, you’ll see why it stands out as a value leader.

4. What Is a Step Over Electric Bike?

Step over electric bikes retain the signature high crossbar diamond frame that requires swinging your leg over to mount. Before straddling one of these lively rides, let’s break down their standout qualities.

Saddling Up on Step Overs

Step over e-bikes earned their name thanks to the elevated top tube connecting the seat tube to the front headset. Mounting requires stepping over this crossbar, just like old-school standard bikes.

The step over design first emerged in the late 1800s as bicycles evolved for speed and efficiency. The diamond shape enabled close foot-to-pedal positioning for maximum power transfer when pedaling. This athletic geometry made step over frames prime for pace and performance.

Aboard a step over, riders assume an aggressive forward-leaning posture. The stretched position with hunched handlebars allows optimal body position to churn the pedals. Step overs drive like sports cars - built for speeding in style.

Sizing Up Step Overs

Step over frames are revered for their featherweight yet rigid construction. The lofty top tube allows a shorter seat post and tighter rear triangle - enabling snappy, responsive steering.

Quick handling gives step over e-bikes an eagerness to lean into corners and carve curves. The centered rider weight distribution also grants these bikes exceptional stability when traveling at higher speeds.

While requiring a lifted seat post, the compact step over frame reduces material for minimized heft when climbing hills. Less bike equals more pep in your pedal stroke.

Comparing Step Over and Step Through Designs

Step overs cater to performance, while step throughs prioritize accessibility and comfort. Without a top tube, step throughs allow easy mounting by simply walking through the open frame space.

Step throughs position riders in an upright cruising posture. Their extended seat tube raises the saddle to prevent pedal-to-knee contact. Step overs have an athletic stance optimized for power.

For most cyclists, stepping over does demand more balance and coordination. But for experienced riders, mounting by straddle becomes second nature.

5. Step through vs step over ebike, which one is better for me?

When buying an electric bike, one of the first decisions is whether to get a step through or step over frame style. Understanding the differences will help select the right ebike for your needs and riding style.

Step Through Ebikes

Step through ebikes have a low or no top tube, enabling you to simply step through the frame to mount the bike. This makes them very accessible for riders.

Benefits of step through ebike frames:

Easy to mount and dismount, good for frequent stops

Upright riding posture provides comfort for casual riding

Extended wheelbase enables mounting racks for cargo or kids

Relaxed, stable handling for newer cyclists

Step throughs suit riders wanting comfort, accessibility, and cargo options for short urban commutes or leisurely rides.

Step Over Ebikes

Step over ebikes have a high top tube in the traditional diamond frame shape, requiring swinging your leg over to mount.

Benefits of step over ebike frames:

Close seat tube and pedal positioning for efficient pedaling

Aggressive riding stance for athletic cyclists

Very responsive steering and nimble handling

Stiff frame transfers power well for faster riding

Lighter weight than step throughs

Step overs appeal to experienced riders focused on fitness, performance, and speed. The athletic positioning caters to confident handling and pace.

Choosing What's Best For You

Consider your riding style, needs for cargo space, and mobility levels. Test ride both ebike styles to see what feels most comfortable.

Step through ebikes optimize accessibility and leisurely riding. Step overs provide an athletic experience for riders wanting speed and nimble handling. Select the ebike frame suited to your priorities as a cyclist.

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