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Viribus electric tricycle review: Detailed specification analysis

Viribus electric tricycle review

The Viribus Trio Plus electric tricycle is a top choice for seniors looking for a comfortable and stable ride. In this review, we'll take a close look at the key specifications that make this an excellent electric trike


The Trio Plus runs on a 350W (peak 650W) motor. This provides sufficient power to propel the trike to a top speed of 18 mph on flat roads. The motor can tackle small hills and inclines without struggling.

Battery Range

A key factor for electric vehicles is battery range. The 360Wh lithium battery enables pedal assist riding for up to 30 miles on a single charge. Using just throttle without pedaling, users can still get up to 21.7 miles of range. This is ample for runs to the grocery store, cruise around town, or nature trails.


Viribus tricycle step-through frame

Viribus chose an ergonomic step-through frame design. This allows easy mounting and dismounting for seniors. The upright riding position reduces strain on the wrists and back compared to hunched over bikes.

It also features a handlebar that can be adjusted to different heights, accommodating riders of varying statures. The handlebars are intentionally raised for maximum comfort.

Braking System

Viribus tricycle Braking System

The Trio Plus is equipped with mechanical disc brakes. These provide increased stopping power and control compared to traditional rim brakes. The disc brakes are responsive even in wet conditions. This is a major safety advantage.


Viribus tricycle dual chain system

The dual chain system allows for easier installation and enhanced durability. Chains will last longer before needing replacement. From its 20 inch wheels to the adjustable seat and anti-slip pedals, every component is designed for stability and ease of use.

The trike distributes weight evenly across three wheels for great balance. Hydraulic brakes provide smooth, responsive stopping power. 

The adjustable handlebar, powerful disc brakes, and dual chain design really make the Trio Plus stand out from the competition. It's engineered for optimal comfort, safety, and riding performance.

Check it out if you're looking for a comfortable and fun way to get around town.

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