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3 tips to check the health of your electric tricycle battery

Electric tricycle battery

Has your electric bike or tricycle's battery been losing power more quickly than normal? There may be some simple steps you can take to diagnose battery problems and improve its health. In this article, we'll provide 3 easy tips to check your e-trike battery.

Check Riding Habits

Before assuming there is something wrong with your battery, examine if your riding habits have changed. Are you traveling longer distances or tackling more hills? Heavier loads and colder weather can also drain batteries faster. If so, the battery may be fine, but your range expectations need adjustment.

Examine Charge Times

Pay attention to how long your battery takes to recharge. A healthy lithium battery should fully charge within 4-6 hours. If it's taking significantly longer, the battery may be showing signs of aging. Slow recharge times point to capacity deterioration.

Use a Voltmeter

Use a voltmeter to test your battery's output. When fully charged, it should show around 42-50 volts. If you see voltage readings below 40V when fully juiced up, that indicates weaker battery performance. This test can confirm if capacity loss is happening.

Before assuming battery issues, consider if your riding and charging patterns have changed. Also, be aware that leaving batteries unused for extended periods can also degrade their health over time. Lithium batteries left dormant for weeks or months are prone to capacity loss.

If storing your e-bike long-term, aim to fully recharge the battery every 10-15 days to keep it lively. Then check performance when you resume regular use. With proper care, your electric bike's battery can deliver reliable power for years.

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