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What Others Are Sharing

"Recommend eMTB"

"For retirees and older riders looking for an e-MTB that can handle dirt paths and trails, I highly recommend test riding the Viribus Panther. The power and build quality exceeded my expectations. It gets me to beautiful scenic locations that I wouldn't be able to reach on a traditional bike anymore."

-Julia Johnson

"Exploring New Destinations"

"The power assist and range of the Viribus allow me to tour farther places. I like discovering new bike paths and neighborhoods. I enjoy gliding along my neighborhood bike paths on the Viribus, feeling carefree and graceful. The trike is so stable!"

-Tara Hubsch

”Best Thing Ever“

"Who knew commuting could be so fun! I love the agility and light weight this bike provides. I have never tried to be a bike commuter, this experience sold me on the integration of fun, physical activity, and getting to where I need to be."

-Patty Page