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FAQs and Customer Info


  1. Are Tricycles Slower Than Bicycles?

The answer is yes, but it's not as simple as that. Factually speaking, adult tricycles have a bulkier frame and a wider profile, which understandably makes them slower on the road than bicycles, which are leaner and lighter. However, adult tricycles were not made to be faster than bicycles: they are designed for the safety and comfort of adults or people with physical disabilities who may be riding them. Hence, it is not really fair to compare the two.


Interestingly, bike riders who are accustomed to the speed and challenge of bicycles have found, to their surprise, that riding an adult tricycle is quite a pleasant experience! They enjoy the process of easing their minds from the thrill and excitement of bikes to comfort and relaxation mode, they focus their minds on sitting back and enjoying the ride.

It is important to remember that adult tricycles are slow relative to bicycles. A good adult tricycle model can ride at an impressive speed of 15-20mph, which is super impressive considering its frame and weight. So, while adult tricycles are slower than bicycles, they are still fast enough and are by no means sluggish or agonizingly slow.

  1. Can I Ride an Adult tricycle without knowing how to ride a bike?

The answer is a resounding yes! Not being able to ride a two-wheel bike does not put you at a disadvantage when it comes to riding 3-wheel bike; in fact, it is actually an added advantage. It takes a significantly different skillset to ride an adult tricycle than it takes to ride a bicycle: for one thing, the tricycle is intrinsically balanced, and so there is no need for body movement to stabilize the bike. Also, the process of turning and riding on uneven roads can be different on a tricycle.


Bike riders struggle when transitioning to adult tricycles, and they find that the methods and strategies they use on bikes not only do not work but can put them in danger. It usually takes some time for them to overcome their biker reflexes and learn new skills and methods for riding a tricycle. For those making such a transition, it is vital to learn the secrets to ensure a smooth transition from two-wheel to three-wheel bikes.

It is easy to see why a person who has never ridden a bike before would have an easier time learning how to ride an e-trike. It will be a straightforward learning process, not further complicated by years or decades of accumulated instinctive responses. So, do not worry-it actually makes you the prime candidate to learn.

  1. How Do I Decide Which Adult Tricycle to Buy?

Here is the biggest secret to buying great adult tricycles: start with a good brand. Going through each adult tricycle online, searching for the best unit be ineffective and extremely time-consuming. It is wiser and more effective to try and find a brand that is good quality, then make a choice from their collection of tricycles.

So, what is a good quality brand? One sign of a good adult tricycle brand is that it sells adult tricycles as its main business or a significant part of its business. These brands are more likely to be experts in the field. Also, look for telltale signs, such as a long history in adult tricycle sales or customer reviews.

Good brands have good products, average brands have average products, and bad brands have bad products. Once you have established that a brand is good, it should be easy to find your choice amongst their collection to match your particular needs.

  1. Where Can I Go to Ride My Adult Tricycle?

Given that there are no specific trials or paths specially reserved for riders of adult tricycles, it is totally normal to find oneself confused as to where they can ride and where they cannot. However, looking at things from another perspective, the fact that there are no dedicated paths for adult tricycles is, in itself, good news. This means that you can ride your adult tricycle anywhere you go.

Indeed, there is no need for a dedicated path: tricycles can be ridden to and through almost any location. As long as you observe all rules relating to road safety, feel free to ride them to the supermarket, church, recreational activities, or anywhere there is a road.

In states like California, there are dedicated paths for bikes, but trikes are not excluded from these paths. You can ride carefully, enjoying a long relaxing ride.

  1. Is it true that there is a real risk of turning over?

The answer is yes. Standing on three wheels, the adult tricycle is already properly balanced. Any action that causes the balance to be upset will result in the tricycle tipping over. For this reason, it is advisable to drive slowly, especially around bends and on uneven paths.

Some riders talk about using their bodies as a counterbalance. However, this means stretching your body over the edge of a moving tricycle, and with the extra weight of the vehicle, this is highly risky. Better safe than sorry.

 Do not overspeed, slow down around bends, and pay attention to uneven roads and you will be fine.

  1. I don’t have a disability, and I am not old. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing for me to be seen riding an adult tricycle?

For a long time, it has been a common stigma that tricycles are only for babies, disabled people, and old people. Several people do not understand that in the golden days of tricycles, they were seen as sports items and a symbol of class and elegance. Queen Victoria herself bought two tricycles! As a more informed person, you now know better on the subject.

Besides, adult tricycles are making a comeback now all over the world. You can take pride in the fact that you are riding ahead of the curve, joining a growing trend, and bringing back a classic.

Also, rather than asking what other people think, it would be better to prioritize how you think: Are you having a nice time? I am sure the moment you perch yourself comfortably atop the adult tricycle and start slowly taking in the sights around you,  you will be too relaxed to care.

  1. What is the cheapest quality adult tricycle for me to buy?

It all comes down to this question. All the great conversation above would turn really sour if you go and get a tricycle, only for it to break down in a couple of days. Fortunately, that disaster is easily avoidable. As alluded to earlier, check for the brand of the tricycles. 

The Viribus brand, for example, satisfactorily fulfills all the criteria for a top-quality adult tricycle brand. Their tricycles are built in an ergonomic design, making them stable and easier to mount. The frames are made of solid carbon steel, which is solid and durable in the long run. What has impressed most Viribus users is how much they go to ensure that their products are safe and easy to use. The Viribus TriGo line of tricycles all come with a UL-certified battery for safety and quality assurance. 

With such high-quality tricycles and glowing reviews from customers worldwide, Viribus stands as a quintessence of a reliable adult tricycle brand.

Here are some Viribus adult tricycles to check out:

The Viribus TriGo Plus UL 2271 Certified

The latest Viribus release, the TriGo Plus, is powered by a formidable UL-certified battery. Certification per UL 2271 standards means that it has passed the stringent safety requirements set by Underwriters Laboratories. Riders can be assured of good quality and durability. This is only one of the fascinating updates Viribus is making to its products.

The Viribus Trio Plus Electric Tricycle

All Viribus trikes are perfect for a calm and relaxed ride, but it is always special when Viribus makes that model, which gives you a little something else! Boasting a powerful electric motor, the Trio Plus is ideal for excursions along more challenging landscapes. You can enjoy the best of the tougher trails and bumpy paths without worrying about exorbitant levels of physical stress or lingering fatigue.

  1. Viribus Trio Electric Tricycle, Dual Chain

Two features: a 350W hub motor and a thumb throttle. These two features ensure that you are constantly in control of the bike's speed. For a smooth ride and stability, the bike is further equipped with a stem and dual-chain system. With an abundance of storage space, it is possible to carry a variety of items on this bike. Mechanical disc brakes and a strong headlight ensure that riding is safe no matter the weather conditions.


With your doubts now clear, it is time to take the next step. Check out amazing brands like Viribus, have a pick of some of the top-quality bikes in the market, and enjoy all the amazing offers they have for customers. Surely, you will find suitable models for an affordable price. May your rides be long and enjoyable.



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