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A lot of people might not know this, but tricycles were actually quite a "thing" in the 80s. Tricycles were advertised as a "safer" option, and they caught on quite spectacularly, especially amongst women and children. But the history of bike evolution is a long one. Suffice it to say that bikes, for the large part, came out on top. In modern times, electric bikes have reigned undisputed in every trail, every beach route, and every mountain path. But recently, they are gradually being forced to share these ideal locations with a  more formidable update to their old rival: electric tricycles!

From the several scenic bike trails of sunny California to the gorgeous Sammamish River trail in Washington, one can spot a wide array of people enjoying relaxing rides on these 3 wheel bikes. Then there are the "trike clubs" suddenly popping up in every city! What is this newfound excitement with tricycles? This blog explores why tricycles are making a comeback, and why now may actually be the ideal time for you to give tricycles a chance!


For a long time, electric trikes were a children’s toy: presented to kids as their first proper vehicle. Kids were expected to eventually “graduate” to riders of bikes and more “sophisticated” vehicles. Nowadays, adult tricycles are becoming a thing, and adults especially seem to be gradually drawn into the tricycle world. The number of tricycle clubs in the country has grown rapidly, with members gathering from all corners to foster a sense of community and share their passion for triking. 

Are adults now realizing the fun and ease of sitting back on a balanced 3-wheel bike, not having to worry about falling off as they appreciate the beauty and divinity of nature? That seems to be the case. Biking has always been about conquering nature: defying mountains and speeding over the landscape. Triking seems to be about enjoying nature: letting go, enjoying the ride and flowing with the soft rhythm of the trees and lakes. In this fast-paced world, it is no wonder that people are finding peace and solace in their 3 wheel rides.


Two things people love: shopping and exercise. For many, riding is a preferred way to exercise, and shopping is a convenient way to pass the time after a long ride. However, traditional two-wheel bikes cannot carry much without compromising balance and safety. How many times have we seen riders reach out over the handlebars to place a hand over their groceries in the front carriage? In that single move, they limit their control on the bike and compromise their safety.

Viribus TriGo Electric Tricycle for Adults 3 Wheel Electric Bike

 No such risks are warranted on an adult tricycle. The rectangular structure of the vehicle allows ample space at the back for a carriage. In the space between the two back tires, a carriage is fitted, usually large enough to accommodate groceries, a variety of items and even a pet. For the several people who combine shopping and exercise, it is no wonder why they are switching to tricycles.


Nature is full of ironies. As one grows older, for example, the need for exercising becomes more and more relevant. Conversely, this is precisely the time in life when exercising is most difficult! Aging means taking more work to maintain the same level of fitness, strength and endurance becoming harder to maintain; it means decreased flexibility and overall reduction in muscle mass and strength. The extra muscle strength needed to ride a traditional bike may constitute an impediment to adults. Even with e-bikes, the amount of energy and body coordination required to stay balanced on the bike as it twists and turns must not be overlooked.

Viribus Trio Plus Electric Tricycle for Senior Adults

For individuals in an advanced age bracket, the tricycle offers an easier way to exercise without having to exert themselves too much, and without having to worry about balance. It is probably for this reason that tricycles have become commonly referred to as "adult tricycles". Seated comfortably on their three-wheeled vehicles, trikers literally don’t have to move a muscle in an effort to balance themselves. The device is designed for balance, leaving the rider no extra physical burden but to paddle and keep moving.


Sores, headaches, tendent, knee pains…these are some of the inconveniences and discomforts of riding a traditional bike too frequently. There is even a disease known as “cyclist’s foot”. Doctors’ often advise bikers to limit their riding time, and put spaces between each ride for health and safety reasons. 

electric tricycle with dog

Again, no such health challenges on a tricycle! Adults are choosing to avoid the health challenges and inconvenience of continuous biking. With more space, the seat of a tricycle is larger and more comfortable. In addition, there is more space for their feet to move around, allowing freedom to their muscles. With no fear of cramps, and knee pains, riders are enjoying easier rides for longer. 

 This list is by no means exhaustive. The reasons for the great e-trike comeback may go beyond those on the list. Perhaps you have to ride an electric tricycle to discover for yourself. In that case, the Viribus E-trikes would be a perfect place to start. The expert company has been providing e-bikes for over a decade, and their models are unrivaled in safety and stability.

Let’s check out some models!

The Viribus TriGo Plus UL 2271 Certified

Viribus TriGo Plus Electric Tricycle for Adults 3 Wheel Bike for Sale

The latest release from Viribus, the TriGo Plus is powered by a formidable UL Certified battery. Certification per UL 2271 standards means that it has passed the stringent safety requirements set by Underwriters Laboratories. Riders can be assured of good quality and durability. This is only one of the fascinating updates Viribus is making to its products.

The Viribus Trio Plus Electric Tricycle

Viribus TriGo Plus Electric Tricycle for Adults 3 Wheel Bike for Sale

All viribus trikes are perfect for a calm and relaxed ride, but it is always special when Viribus makes that model which gives you a little something else! Boasting a powerful electric motor, the Trio Plus is ideal for excursions along more challenging landscapes. You can enjoy the best of the tougher trails and bumpy paths without worrying about exorbitant levels of physical stress or lingering fatigue.

The Viribus Trio Electric Tricycle.

 Viribus Trio Plus Adult Electric Tricycle with Dual Disc Brakes

Viribus’ O.G model, the trio is a standard model of an electronic bike. Built for stability and comfort, this bike is a longstanding favorite for lovers of lovers of nature. Beaches, parks, smooth wood trails…these are areas where the Viribus Trio Electric Tricycle thrives.

 With a wide variety of e-trikes available such as those in the Viribus collection, it is no wonder that tricycles may be gradually taking over. These vehicles are re-defining riding, creating a new niche for themselves and allowing a wider range of people the opportunity to ride. Perhaps it is time you join in on the fun! Grab a Viribus electric tricycle and let's go!


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