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All across the internet, you come across hundreds of articles, blogs, and videos giving expert tips on what to look for when purchasing an adult tricycle. Most meticulous readers  find themselves with an endless checklist of points, each of them seeming more important than the other. 

With so much information, a simple decision can become more and more complicated: and as all buyers know, the more a decision is postponed, the higher the likelihood of ending up making a wrong one. Here is a simple solution: rather than looking for tips on what factors to look for when buying a tricycle, look for a trustworthy brand. It easier to find a trusted brand than one ideal tricycle. Also, once you have a good brand, the task of picking a good tricycle becomes a lot easier. The brand  then becomes a go-to for tricycles and all associated needs and services such as repair, customer care, and so on.

This blog will first discuss some simple factors to consider when choosing an adult tricycle brand, then introduce you to a brand that checks all the boxes and has established itself as the quintessence of a high-quality adult tricycle brand. You will be able to make a quick and efficient decision without sparing any effort or wasting time.


It happens rarely, but sometimes, the quality of the product does not live up to the expectations set by brand messaging. At the end of the day, a good brand must be built on good product quality. When it comes to electric tricycles, it is advisable to personally ensure that the quality of the product is up to the standard portrayed by the branding message.  For the multitude of producers that brand their products as solid, comfortable, and safe, you can adopt the following steps to test that brand messaging:

i. Material: Pay special attention to the material used in the adult tricycle's frame: quality brands use heavy-duty, rust-resistant steel or aluminum alloy. This provides a solid “skeleton” that keeps the tricycle firm and steady and easily supports the rider’s weight.

ii. Design: High-quality brands design tricycles with a low center of gravity. This helps keep the tricycle steady and also eases the process of mounting and unmounting. 

iii. Messaging: Be sure to check for inconsistencies in brand messaging. Some tricycle manufacturers market themselves as high-end luxury brands but adopt a rather casual messaging style on social media. This inconsistency is a huge red flag that must be avoided. 


Because of the uncertainty regarding product quality in the market, customers tend to become attached to the few exceptional brands that are able to deliver the quality promised in their branding and advertising. Customer loyalty is an indication that an adult tricycle brand has been able to satisfy the needs and demands of its customers and therefore is likely to satisfy yours as well. 

Read customer reviews to get a sense of the durability, stability, and ease of use of the brand’s tricycles. Apart from the company’s official website, which may be compromised, there are a number of ways and places to check customer reviews of any adult tricycle brand:

  1. Professional reviews on Tricycle publications, blogs, and posts
  2. Customer reviews on retail sites.

Reading these customer reviews can give you a sense of the brand’s performance and customer satisfaction. Brands with several positive reviews over the long term are more likely to produce high-quality and reliable adult tricycles.


It is not unusual for a newbie company to provide good quality products, however, brands with a long history have accumulated something even more valuable: consistency. Every brand starts out with good quality products, but only the consistent ones stay in the long run.  Tricycle brands with a long a long history are more likely to be reliable and also to be full of expertise: expertise means a brand knows and understands what is important to customers and can meet their needs in a timely and effective manner.

Adult tricycle brands that have been in the market for a long time have had more time to refine their designs and address any quality issues. Hence, choose a brand that specializes in adult tricycles or has the provision of adult tricycles and associated services as a significant part of its business, as opposed to brands that have adult tricycles just as a mention in their business.


A long warranty tells you two things about the manufacturer: the manufacturer is confident in the quality of the product they put out to the public. At the same time, it shows that the manufacturer cares enough about their duty to keep customers safe and is willing to admit liability in case of any faults in design or manufacturing.

Generally, you can tell the level of confidence and responsibility of an adult bicycle brand by observing the length of the warranty it provides. A warranty of five years or more is a sign of the brand’s confidence in their product. Be sure to investigate how the brand handles warranty claims (if any) and customer inquiries. A trusted brand would have a responsive, proactive, and helpful team.


As the name implies, adult tricycles are mainly used by adults, and like any matter pertaining to adults, safety is paramount. Good adult tricycle brands recognize the importance of product safety and try to incorporate innovative safety features into the design of their tricycles.


With these tips, your search for a trustworthy, high-quality adult tricycle should not take long. As you look through adult tricycle brands, you could use these points as references, easily ignoring brands that do not meet one or more of the above requirements. One brand that meets all requirements is Viribus.


It is rare enough to find a brand that satisfactorily meets any two or three of the above points. What is even rarer is finding a brand that meets all of them. However, there are a few exceptional adult tricycle brands that provide the best quality products. One such rare gem is Viribus. Viribus has been an established adult tricycle brand for over half a decade, making it an established brand. In this time, Viribus has served and continues to serve many customers worldwide with dedication and professionalism.

Metals and Construction

Viribus tricycles are made of carbon steel, which is famous for its strength and durability. Carbon steel is also flexible, providing a comfortable ride by absorbing road vibrations. In addition to the frame, carbon steel is also infused into the crankset and handlebars.


Ergonomic design is one which takes into consideration the physical capabilities of people. Because Viribus tricycles are mostly ridden by adults, the bike is designed to sit low to the ground, making it stable and reliable. In addition, the height of the entire vehicle is adjustable, allowing riders of different ages to find the perfect fit for their needs. 


To ensure the safety of customers using its products, Viribus models, especially the Viribus Trigo Plus Electric Tricycle, come with a UL-certified battery. This means the battery has been tested for product safety standards by an accredited organization. For further safety, Viribus models are equipped with a strong LED headlight and double-disk brakes to reduce risk and uncertainty during riding.

It's time to check out the Viribus collection. From their impressive array of adult tricycles on display, you are guaranteed to find one that will meet your needs. Pay special attention to the Viribus TriGo Plus and the Viribus Folding Adult tricycle models
James Carter
As a self-proclaimed bicycle fanatic, I'm James Carter, and I've been riding and racing bikes for over 20 years. Sunshine California is where I was born and raised. Now I live in Boulder, Colorado. I know a lot about designing and fixing bikes, and I've written for a few well-known bicycle magazines. I want to use easy language to explain complicated technology so that everyone can enjoy riding a bike.

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