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All over the country, adult tricycles are becoming a common feature in the sports and recreation scene as people of all ages explore the beauty of the outdoors. However, you would be baffled at the number of widely held ideas and beliefs about tricycles that appear true, but are actually completely unfounded. Unfortunately, these myths are holding people back from discovering and exploring the joy, excitement and fun that tricycles can bring. This blog will discuss the top five myths surrounding 3 wheel bikes, debunking them with inside information about the true realities of the tricycle world. This may be the boost you need to unlock a new adventure!



Now, it cannot be denied that tricycles are a favorite amongst kids. The extra balance and comfort make the tricycle an ideal vehicle for kids to enjoy the outdoors without parents and teachers having to worry about  them falling off or otherwise getting hurt. 

However, the idea that tricycles are made solely for children is a widespread myth. First, tricycles come in all shapes and sizes, including adult-sized tricycles. Second, adults all around the country are loving tricycles. Reports show that sales of tricycles for adults have been rising significantly in recent years. And no doubt! Every major city in the US now boasts of a number of tricycle clubs, with some containing thousands of trikers (as they call themselves).  From Coronado beach, California to Massapequa Lake, New York, these adults are exploring exotic and scenic trails on their trikes with nothing but excitement and joy.



There are some specific tricycle designs made for individuals with physical disabilities: these are known as adaptive tricycles. They are usually easily identifiable with distinct features like hand-operated cycling, footrest platform and single-handed steering.  This is not to say that usual tricycles are not ideal for individuals with limited mobility. The extra balance, assisted pedaling, large size and comfort: all these features allow people with physical disabilities a measure of comfort, safety and freedom without requiring a strenuous amount of physical input on their part.

 Viribus TriGo Plus Electric Tricycle for Adults 3 Wheel Bike for Sale

However, are tricycles solely for people with physical disabilities? No! This is another myth! Riding a tricycle has nothing to do with whether or not a person is suffering from disabilities. As several able-bodied people are realizing, tricycles are meant to enjoyed by anyone who enjoys and prioritizes riding in comfort. 



Now, tricycles do not offer the same speed as bikes. But the idea that tricycles are slow-that is yet another myth! In reality, the top speed of a tricycle can vary depending on the size of the engine, the model, battery capacity and the weight of its rider and cargo. For standard electric models, the small entry-level models could run up to the top speed of 20-30 mph (32-48 km/h). This speed rises to 35-45 mph (56-72 km/h) in the case of high performance models.  Irrespective of the model,  electric tricycles are generally capable of providing that additional burst of speed when needed, and riders of 3 wheel bikes do not miss out on the thrill and excitement of a speedy adventure.Viribus TriGo Electric Tricycle for Adults 3 Wheel Electric Bike



Seeing that tricycles have three wheels, many people instantly imagine them to be heavy, cumbersome and difficult to maneuver. Add that to the list of myths. Modern tricycles are equipped with advanced and innovative steering mechanisms that are surprisingly responsive. These bikes move smoothly and stealthily around bends and corners.

The Viribus Trigo Electric tricycle, for example, allows riders to switch between three modes:  a standard single-speed cruiser, a throttle-powered e-trike, and a PAS-enabled electric tricycle with five assistance levels. With such flexibility, the rider can have access to full control of the trike if they chose to, or  alternate the degree to which they exercise the control.  Several Viribus tricycle models have user-friendly thumb shifters, ensuring smooth and precise gear changes for stable rides on various types of terrain, from city streets to winding trails.

Viribus TriGo Plus Electric Tricycle for Adults 3 Wheel Bike for Sale


Is a tricycle actually a fashionable item? For a long time, the answer was a resounding "no''. However, modern tricycles are dispelling that long-term belief in colorful fashion. Tricycles now come in a variety of stylish designs: from classical and retro-inspired models to contemporary sporty and luxury models.

The variability of color, design, and theme indicates that manufacturers have finally understood the importance of aesthetics and glamor, and are responding with models that match the fanciness and vibrancy of today's world. No matter what your personal sense of style is, the market is guaranteed to provide you with a 3 wheel bike to match! At this pace, 3wheel bikes will soon  become enviable fashion trends and prime luxury items. 

Electric Bikes for Mothers

The best way to dispel such myths is by personal experience. Thankfully, thousands of people are giving tricycles a try. A lot of them have grown rather attached to their trikes, reporting that tricycles are actually more fun than they imagined! Now is the perfect time to join in the excitement and adventure. 

Viribus offers a wide variety of tricycles: customized for slow and relaxed rides, more thrilling and adventurous rides and everything in between. So, do not let the myths hold you back! Check out a viribus adult tricycle and give yourself a chance at new adventures!

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