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10 Best Bike Paths in Southern California

10 Best Bike Paths in Southern California

When you see Southern California in the movies, you might expect it to be all sunshine, daisies, and bohemian beach cruisers. While this is far from the truth, Southern California does offer a vibrant cycling culture, with moderate temperatures and clear skies making the perfect backdrop for leisurely and adventurous rides. 

If you’re already well-acquainted with your local bike paths and are looking to venture outside, check out our guide to the ten best bike paths in SoCal. Scout new journeys on your electric tricycle or mountain bike.

There's no need to wonder, “What are the best bike paths near me?” when we’ll show you how to take to the hills! 

rose bowl loop bike path

Location: Pasadena 

Distance: 3.1 miles 

Difficulty: Easy 

The Rose Bowl Loop is the most iconic bike path in Los Angeles, offering a perfect entry-level trail for walkers and riders. Circling the classic Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, this route offers a safe and scenic ride, guiding you through urban parklands. Sporting paved roads for cyclists, boarders, and runners, users can capture a great view of the surrounding San Gabriel Mountains while enjoying this Los Angeles bike path.

ventura bike trail

Location: Ventura

Distance: 6.3 miles

Difficulty: Easy

This beautiful 6-mile trail connects to the Ojai Valley Trail, resulting in a 17-mile urban ride that takes riders past scenic rivers and urban wildlife. Users pass by businesses, oil derricks, and industrial sites, alongside seemingly random art installations that attempt to capture the spirit of Ventura County. Following an outdated Southern Pacific Railroad, this repurposed trail is one of the most scenic bike paths by Santa Barbara!

crafts peak mountain bike trail

Location: San Bernardino National Forest

Distance: 7.2 miles 

Difficulty: Moderate

Crafts Peak Trail is considered one of the best biking trails in Green Valley Lake. It offers hikers and mountain bikers stunning views of Big Bear Lake and the surrounding forestry, open to wide, blue skies and tranquility. Consisting of 7.2 miles of rocky and worn trails, Crafts Peak is not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for a moderately challenging route away from the bustling beach paths, this route is the one for you. Situated between Los Angeles and San Diego, this bike path is ideal for those looking for adventure. 

Ballona Creek Bike Path

Location: Culver City to Marina Del Rey

Distance: 14.1 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

This inviting pathway stretches 7 miles from Culver City to the oceanside city of Marina Del Rey, flanked by a creek on one side and bustling city views on the other. It's the perfect escape for those seeking a gentle adventure right in the heart of the city. The Ballona Creek features asphalt and concrete paths ideal for cyclists, skaters, and walkers alike. Take a break from the city and enjoy a refreshing journey through urban and natural landscapes. 

aliso creek biking trail

Location: Orange County

Distance: 18.4 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Trekking through creeks and woodlands, this inland trail begins in Portola Hills and ends in Laguna Niguel. Paved, asphalt roads take you through the suburban wildlife of Orange County. Bicycle paths such as the Aliso Creek trail offer excellent riding and walking opportunities for locals and travelers alike. Explore the foothills of South Orange County on the Aliso Creek path! 

pacific electric trail san bernardino bike trail

Location: Claremont to Rialto

Distance: 21 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Following a former railway line, this trail is steeped in history and offers a smooth ride through Upland and Rialto. Riders can enjoy intermittent paved and crushed-stone bicycle paths that cut through the Inland Empire. The Pacific Electric Trail takes users through urban areas such as Downtown Upland, Vineyard Avenue in Rancho Cucamonga, and Juniper Avenue in Fontana. 

santa ana river cycle trail

Location: San Bernardino to Huntington Beach

Distance: 30 miles (eventually planned for 110 miles)

Difficulty: Easy

The Santa Ana River bicycle path runs adjacent to its namesake, stretching from Huntington Beach to Orange/Riverside County. Only 60% complete, it will eventually span 110 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the San Bernardino County National Forest. Offering riverside views, hills, and urban environments, this trail is a favorite of bikers and runners alike. Paved concrete paths allow riders an easier journey, as the trail is intended to be a long one! 

San Gabriel river trail la bike trails

Location: Azusa to Seal Beach

Distance: 38 miles

Difficulty: Easy 

Flowing alongside the San Gabriel River from Azusa to Seal Beach, this path offers varied landscapes over the span of 38 miles. Walkers, riders, and runners pass by urban landscapes, dry terrain, and elevated areas until finally reaching the rivermouth in Seal Beach. With multiple entry points, you can follow this trail as far as you desire. The trail surfaces are asphalt and concrete, making the San Gabriel River bicycle path ideal for bikers, skaters, and more.

la bike path

Location: Canoga Park to Long Beach

Distance: 38 miles

Difficulty: Easy 

Divided into multiple, disconnected segments, the Los Angeles River Bike Path cuts through the highly urbanized city. It offers users the opportunity to connect with their surroundings and witness the revitalization of the LA River. The trail is composed of two long paths spanning from Glendale and Downtown LA to Long Beach. For a shorter ride, enter at any point on the bike path.

backbone mountain biking path

Location: Santa Monica Mountains

Distance: Up to 67 miles

Difficulty: Moderate to hard 

If you’re looking for the next mountain bike path, Backbone Trail offers incredible views of the Pacific and the surrounding Santa Monica mountains. With elevation reaching up to 3,111 feet, hikers and riders are in for a challenge with this Santa Monica bike path. Perfect for backpacking, camping, and enjoying the wildlife, gaze out upon the canyons, spires, and vistas of the Santa Monica mountains. Bicycle paths compromise 43 miles of Backbone Trail, while hikers can access the entirety of the paths. 

Pave the Path with Viribus!

As we cruise to the conclusion of our exploration of the ten best bike paths in Southern California, we hope you no longer have to wonder, “Where are the best bicycle paths near me?” Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just finding your footing, Southern California's diverse landscapes serve as the perfect canvas for those who love biking on trails. From the tranquil shores of Marina Del Rey to the soaring peaks near Big Bear Lake, every pedal push is a stroke on the vibrant mural of SoCal's natural beauty.

Riding these trails with Viribus's selection of bikes brings comfort, stability, and sheer joy to your adventures. Conquer the rugged terrain of Crafts Peak on a durable, gritty Viribus mountain bike, or take on the Rose Bowl Loop on a Viribus tricycle, designed for an ergonomic, smooth ride. 

viribus tricycle on bike path

Viribus celebrates the spirit of adventure with its wide selection of bikes and tricycles, including electric and non-electric models. Each is thoughtfully crafted to empower riders of all levels to explore further, push boundaries, and create unforgettable experiences.

Viribus vehicles are more than just transportation; they are companions on your journey through the breathtaking expanse of Southern California. With a bike or trike for every rider and a path for every ambition, Viribus is here to ensure that your cycling adventures are limitless, thrilling, and filled with the joy of discovery. So gear up, choose your trail, and let's pedal towards new horizons together!

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