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Top 5 Essential Bicycle Accessories for Adult Cyclists

elderly couple wearing bike helmets for adults

Riding a bicycle or tricycle is not just a matter of pedaling from one place to another; it’s about enjoying a safe, stable, and comfortable journey. Whether cruising down the beach, commuting to work, or running errands, accessorizing your ride can considerably enhance the journey! But what bicycle accessories do you need for your adult tricycle?

Bike and tricycle accessories increase safety, security, and convenience for riders. They aren’t just add-ons; they’re essential for every cyclist. Let’s explore the top five bike accessories crucial for any adult cyclist!

Top 5 Bicycle Accessories:

Bike Helmets

woman wearing a bicycle helmet
The number one most essential item for cyclists is a bicycle helmet. Helmets are so crucial to cycling that they technically shouldn’t be listed under bicycle accessories but as a necessity. According to the National Institutes of Health, wearing a helmet reduces serious head injury by 60%, traumatic brain injury by 53%, and the total number of killed or critically injured cyclists by 34%.

Not all adult bicycle helmets are created equal, however. Not only is it important for the tricycle helmet to be sturdy and lightweight, but additional features like headlamps, comfortable chin straps, and water repellency can help sweeten the deal. While safety is of the utmost importance, what keeps you wearing a helmet for tricycle use is comfort!

Rearview Mirrors

Bicycle mirrors are a game-changer for cyclists, especially in urban areas or busy roads. They allow you to monitor traffic behind you without having to turn your head, ensuring better focus on the path ahead. This is particularly useful for tricycles, as having a tricycle mirror can help you compensate for the increased width of your vehicle. With a tricycle side mirror, you’ll be able to practice road safety by safely merging lanes, slowing down, or speeding up without harming fellow pedestrians or riders.

bike rearview mirror
Adjustable bicycle rear-view mirrors like the ones at Viribus allow you to observe the road from multiple viewpoints. The flexible stems permit you to adjust the angle of the bicycle mirror for your convenience. They can also be rotated 360 degrees and attached right to your handlebars. If you’re looking for the ideal bicycle handlebar mirror for your vehicle, check out Viribus’ selection of adult tricycle accessories!

Bike Lock

bike lock locking bike wheel
Security is a major concern for all riders. If you’re investing in the perfect vehicle, you don’t want it snatched away from you on your first joyride. A sturdy bike lock can deter thieves while giving you peace of mind when you have to leave your bike or adult etrike unattended. Coil cable bike locks are compatible with virtually any bike or trike due to their longer design. 
Viribus’ anti-theft bike lock features a durable plastic coating that prevents damage to your bike’s paint job while deterring thieves. Its lightweight design makes it convenient for transport. Simply use the keys to lock and unlock the cable, ensuring protection for your vehicle!

Anti-Theft Vibration Alarm

An anti-theft vibration alarm adds an extra layer of security, especially when paired with a good bike lock. These alarms detect vibrations or movements and emit a loud sound to alert nearby people and scare off potential thieves. Mount the alarm onto your bike frame, and the alarm will trigger if it senses movement.
With a blaring 110dB alarm and three adjustable volume levels, the Viribus anti-theft vibration alarm will draw attention to anyone trying to steal your bike. Easy attachment and 229-foot remote access allow you to strap the alarm on and walk away. Ensure the ultimate protection for your electric tricycle with an anti-theft alarm.

Phone Holder

A phone holder is a handy accessory for cyclists who use their smartphones for navigation, tracking rides, or simply need a place to mount their phones. A cell phone holder for bicycle handlebars provides a convenient place to view your screen without having to use your hands.

auto lock rotating phone holder for bikes

The best phone holders for tricycles can accommodate phones of various sizes and are adjustable for optimal viewing angles. Viribus’ universal bike phone holder can do both of these things! It features a one-second auto-lock feature, securing your smartphone snugly. This phone holder can fit phones from 4.7” to 7”, accommodating phones of all sizes. Simply attach it to your handlebars and start riding!

Accessorize Your Viribus Ride!

viribus pink tricycle

Whether you own a bicycle or a tricycle, you should ensure every journey is safe and secure. Investing in essential electric tricycle accessories like tricycle helmets, bicycle mirrors for handlebars, bike locks, phone holders, and anti-theft alarms can significantly enhance the safety, security, and convenience of your riding experience.

While the tricycle parts and accessories mentioned are fundamental, the tricycle market has many options designed to cater to every rider's needs. Prioritizing these essentials, however, is a great start to making your rides more enjoyable and worry-free. If you’re looking for the best vehicles and bicycle accessories around, check out Viribus! With our California-based bicycle and tricycle operations, you’ll be harnessing the power of sunny, sustainable living. Learn more about our adult tricycles and ebikes here.

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