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What to do if the brakes on the electric tricycle don't work? 2 quick troubleshooting methods

reasons why brakes don't work

Brakes are a vital safety component on any vehicle, including electric tricycles. If your e-trike's brakes suddenly stop working, don't panic. Here are two quick troubleshooting steps you can try to get them functioning again before heading to the repair shop.

Inspect the Brake Lines

Start by visually inspecting the brake cables and hydraulic lines along their entire path. Look for any obvious crimps, cracks, or leaks that could be restricting flow. Damaged brake lines are a common cause of failure. If damage is minor, you may be able to briefly jury-rig function to get home safely.

Adjust the Brake Pads

If brake lines check out, the issue may be the pads themselves. Examine the pad thickness and alignment against the braking surface. If pads are overly worn or not making flush contact, braking power will be reduced. Try adjusting pad position or replacing pads if necessary to restore full contact.

Call a Mechanic

While the steps above may get your brakes working temporarily, take your e-trike to a professional mechanic promptly if problems persist. Severely damaged brake lines or expired brake fluid will require proper replacement parts and bleeding. Don't take chances with your safety. Get faulty brakes fixed for good.

A quick visual inspection and adjustment of brake pads can sometimes get brakes working again in a pinch. But serious issues will need a mechanic's expertise. Be diligent about brake maintenance, and avoid riding if they ever completely fail. Safety first!

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