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In the early 1880s, a “tricycle craze” broke out in Britain. It is reported that between 1884, there were about 120 tricycle models from 20 different manufacturers in England. Tricycles were seen as a luxury item, and only members of the upper class could afford them. Here's a little fun fact: Queen Victoria bought two tricycles in 1881, cementing them as an item of luxury and class. 

Times have obviously changed, and so has the perception of adult tricycles. In 2023, the global bicycle market was worth about $113.73 billion, while the quadricycle and tricycle markets were estimated to be about $5.98 billion combined. However, it is interesting that tricycles continue to be a prominent part of our society  in spite of the common myths and misconceptions that have become associated with them. In truth, tricycles are still relevant in our modern society as there remain some key areas in which tricycles meet riders' particular needs in a way that bicycles cannot.

So, is a tricycle still worth getting in 2024? Or is it just a relic of the past? This blog will discuss five crucial areas in which tricycles still hold an edge over traditional bicycles, addressing some common misconceptions about them and updating you on recent models and developments in the adult tricycle industry. So, where do we begin?

    Tricycles Are Superior in Stability

    Stability is important for both bicycles and tricycles. Stability helps the rider control the vehicle, enabling them to maintain a consistent riding position. A rider who cannot keep the vehicle stable will find it extremely hard to avoid obstacles, maneuver the bike/trike to avoid other riders or road users or climb and descend. While bicycles allow riders greater stability and stronger control, maintaining stability on a bicycle requires constant movement and exertion of the body, which may not be convenient for younger or elderly riders. 

    Adult tricycles are special because they stand on three wheels and have a balanced frame that provides the rider with excellent stability. For riders such as children or elderly adults who may need extra support balancing, the 3-wheel bike remains a vehicle of choice. Because stability is already inherent to the vehicle, giving the rider a good measure of control without tiring themselves, tricycles provide a better experience for a wider variety of people than traditional bikes.

    Moreover, it goes beyond that: electric tricycles are becoming a vehicle of choice not only among children and elderly people but also among adults who want a more relaxed riding experience. People are finding that they are good for picnics, park rides, and beaches, where they can sit back and enjoy the ride without exerting their bodies further. In this regard, tricycles are gradually regaining the edge.

    Viribus Adults Tricycle with Basket, 7 speed & Single-Chain

    The Viribus TriGo Plus is an example of such a perfect tricycle for a relaxed ride. The tricycle offers a smooth and relaxed ride with its high frame and gentle motor.

     The Carriage Makes A Big Difference

    Perhaps the most overlooked and underrated feature of an adult tricycle is the carriage attached to the back of the frame. The carriage is important because it makes the adult tricycle a practical vehicle and versatile for various practical tasks. Unlike bikes, which are mainly used for sport and transport, adult tricycles can be adapted for various daily tasks such as grocery shopping, gardening, picking up items, and carrying material for outdoor activities such as picnics or dates. All these are possible because of the carriage.


    The use of the carriage on an adult tricycle is not limited to daily tasks as the carriage is often big enough to accommodate a child or children (depending on age and size). On several occasions, British actresses Helena Bonham Carter and Kate Winslet have been spotted riding their kids to school on tricycles. Though riding kids to school on a bicycle is not impossible, they would be much easier, safer, and comfortable on a tricycle. This practicality is another area where tricycles beat bicycles.

    Tricycles Are Easier to Handle

    An internet user once shared the story of their experience trying to learn how to ride a bicycle as an adult. Apparently, he struggled tremendously with finding body balance on the bike and fell twice, sustaining injuries. Thankfully, none of the injuries were serious, even though he did sustain some bruises and ripped his jeans on one occasion. Though the story was narrated in a humorous tone, it still exposes the fact that learning to ride a bicycle as an adult is extremely challenging and risky, and the process only becomes more and more risky as one ages.

    No such problems on an adult tricycle. Because the tricycle stands balanced on three wheels, it is easier to ride as there is no need for any effort on the part of the rider to balance it. Even in movement, the tricycle does not depend on body coordination for successful riding, making the process easier. It suffices to manipulate the handlebars and steer the tricycle in any desired direction. Consequently, anybody of any age group can easily learn to ride a tricycle of their size without additional risk of injury. Riding the tricycle is much easier than a bicycle, and the rider can be more at ease.

    Viribus TriGo Electric Tricycle

    Some advanced tricycle models, such as the Viribus TriGo Pro, now come with a pedal assist function, making pedaling less demanding for riders. The adult tricycle is perfect for daily activities, offering a range of up to 38.5 miles on a single charge. Features like the 48V 13Ah battery, 350W motor, and dual disk brakes make it an extremely easy model to ride. 

    Accessibility: Everyone Can Ride

    There is no doubt that cycling can be a phenomenal form of sport and entertainment. There are several health benefits, fun, and adventure to be enjoyed in cycling…..that is provided that the cyclist has all of their limbs intact, does not suffer from any physical disabilities, and is not too advanced in age to be susceptible to weak body balance.


    As enjoyable as cycling can be, a substantial proportion of the population is excluded because of physical disabilities. If traditional bicycles were the only means of enjoying the cycling experience, cycling would be a rather exclusive sport. Thankfully, tricycles are more accessible, as they are made for people who may suffer from physical disabilities. The first tricycle was, in fact, made by a disabled German clockmaker in the 17th century to help him overcome his challenges moving from place to place. Adult tricycles are open for everyone to ride

    Tricycles are here to stay. With companies like Viribus providing better and more improved tricycle models frequently, it is not unlikely that tricycles will live to see their glory days again. The Viribus collection already contains some impressive and formidable tricycle models designed to meet various needs. Check out Viribus to find out why experts, customers and enthusiast all commend and refer to it as the place to go for the best tricycles in the market. You can also check out why brand matters when it comes to choosing an adult tricycle.

    James Carter
    As a self-proclaimed bicycle fanatic, I'm James Carter, and I've been riding and racing bikes for over 20 years. Sunshine California is where I was born and raised. Now I live in Boulder, Colorado. I know a lot about designing and fixing bikes, and I've written for a few well-known bicycle magazines. I want to use easy language to explain complicated technology so that everyone can enjoy riding a bike.

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