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Top 10 Types of Tricycles for Adults You Need to Know About

find the right adult trike: types of adult tricycles

Known for their three-wheeled configuration, trikes provide a unique and versatile means of transportation. Their multi-wheel design offers increased comfort and stability, presenting an excellent option for those who want to spice up their daily commute. Just like bicycles, however, there are a plethora of different types of tricycles to choose from. From traditional tricycles to electric trikes, there are many types of tricycles to suit your specific needs or preferences. In this article, we will explore the ten different types of tricycles and help you choose the right one for you!

Riding a Tricycle: Different types of tricycles

Find the perfect trike for you! 

Top 10 Types of Tricycles for Adults 

1. Traditional Tricycles

The traditional tricycle is the most common type and typically features a single-speed or multiple-speed gear system. The ability to shift between gears allows users easy maneuverability, especially when it comes to changes in pace and environment. Our classic Viribus trikes, for example, come in single-speed or 7-speed options to serve a diverse range of riders. The 7-speed Shimano derailleur featured on our Viribus tricycles allows gear shifts to accommodate flat roads, steep inclines, and anything in between. Ultimately, traditional tricycles are ideal for those who want to prioritize simplicity, stability, and smooth movement.

2. Electric Tricycles

Electric tricycles, also known as e-trikes, are equipped with an electric motor for added power and pedal-assist functionality. E-trikes are especially beneficial for those who may have limited mobility, a long journey, or simply prefer an extra push when pedaling. With over 30 miles of pedal assistance and an estimated four-hour charging period, Viribus Electric trikes are functional, as well as with user-friendly. Battery-operated vehicles such as this are designed for eco-conscious and low-effort commutes, allowing for easy, alternative transportation.

3. Folding Tricycles

Folding tricycles are ideal for simple storage and transportation, featuring a foldable frame perfect for commuters or those with limited space. Whether you are taking this trike on the train or in the trunk of your car, a folding tricycle will fit into areas that a normal trike or bike can’t. The Viribus Folding Adult Tricycle can be folded into a mere 55.5” x 29.5” x 35.4”, perfect for most sedans. With convenience and versatility in mind, consider a foldable tricycle for a unique and functional vehicle!

Viribus Foldable Tricycle: Types of Tricycles

Viribus Folding Adult Tricycle: Collapsible, Compact Design

4. Recumbent Tricycles

Close to the ground, the recumbent tricycle exhibits a reclined seat and extended pedals to enhance comfort and lessen back strain. The laid-back design and three-wheel structure provide greater stability and have been associated with reduced joint issues and back pain. This is all due to the increased lumbar support provided by the upright seating. If you are looking for a vehicle that can accommodate your discomfort or any specific, physical requirements, a recumbent tricycle might be the one for you.

5. Delta Tricycles

Often used in reference to recumbent tricycles, delta trikes feature two back wheels and one front wheel. Named after the Greek letter reminiscent of a triangle, the delta tricycle utilizes a singular, steerable front wheel. This grants them greater maneuverability, permitting them to make tighter turns. Out of all the recumbent tricycles, the delta trike is slightly easier to mount and dismount—making it preferable for those with mobility issues.

6. Reverse/Tadpole Trikes

Reverse—or tadpole—trikes are the inverse of delta trikes, displaying two wheels at the front and one at the back. Compared to delta tricycles, reverse trikes prioritize speed and stability due to their lowered center of gravity. This does, however, make it slightly more difficult to get in and out of the tricycle. With their superior stability, these trikes are suitable for various terrains and riding conditions.

7. Cargo Tricycles

Cargo tricycles, specifically crafted for moving goods, feature a robust frame and large cargo area. This allows users to tow groceries, supplies, and equipment on their daily adventures. Those looking for a practical, functional choice in cargo trikes can look to Viribus, where every trike features ample storage. Most tricycles feature a large, rear basket, capable of holding personal belongings or any objects you might want to haul. Some Viribus trikes even have an additional front basket—perfect for a purse, a backpack, or even a puppy!

Viribus Cargo Tricycle: Different types of Tricycles

The Viribus Adult Tricycle Single Speed, Single Chain

8. Tandem Tricycles

Tandem tricycles accommodate two riders instead of one, providing a social and enjoyable riding experience. The tandem is different than other types of tricycles because a journey for one becomes a journey for two! These tricycles are the favorite of couples or friends who want to cycle together and share the adventure. Synchronized pedaling and shared control mean that the two users must be in sync to effectively operate the vehicle. For an enjoyable and noteworthy experience, try a tandem tricycle.

9. Adaptive Tricycles

As the name suggests, adaptive tricycles are modified trikes that can feature various customizations intended for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility. These modifications can provide recreation and therapy opportunities for those unable to operate a traditional bike or trike. Customizations can include hand-crank propulsion, extra support, seating and steering assistance, and other configurations. These tricycles provide an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the benefits of a tricycle, regardless of physical limitations.

10. Drift Trikes

Designed for thrill seekers and daredevils, drift trikes are fitted with large rear wheels typically composed of hard plastic, allowing drivers to perform drifts and slides. These low-riding, low-traction vehicles offer an exhilarating ride, and are even considered part of a recognized sport! For adults and children alike, drift triking can add an element of excitement and thrill to a normal tricycle ride.

Choosing the Right Tricycle for You

When deciding between the different types of tricycles, remember that it comes down to your specific needs and preferences. Are you looking for a trike that prioritizes cargo space? Or are you looking for a vehicle that can offer you pedal assistance and throttle? Either way, considering your unique requirements is a must for finding the perfect adult tricycle.

Lady sitting on tricycle: different types of trikes

Find the ideal tricycle for the city, or anywhere.

Selecting a trike requires consideration of factors such as intended use, terrain, comfort, and physical requirements. For long adventures in urban cities, opt for an electric tricycle. For train commuters in tight spaces, deliberate the foldable trike. With whichever option you choose, the right tricycle will offer stability, comfort, and an enjoyable cycling experience.

Viribus’ extensive selection of sleek, modern tricycles is perfect for adults of all ages and abilities. Turn typical errands and deliveries into fun-filled adventures and explore the world on three wheels. With all different types of trikes for adults, Viribus can meet your individual requirements and personal tastes. Check out Viribus’ collection of different types of adult tricycles now!

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