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How to Choose the Right Adult Tricycle

What Sized Tricycle is for Adults?

When it comes to smooth, successful rides, finding the right fit for you is important for control and comfort. After all, the size of your tricycle might differ depending on your height, weight, or other deciding factors. Adult tricycle sizes can be determined by the diameter of the wheels, along with the length of the frame itself. But what size tricycle for adults do you need?

Discover the perfect tricycle to revolutionize your daily commute. The tricycle's innovative three-wheeled design not only guarantees effortless balance but also ensures unmatched stability, even catering to those with a knack for getting into accidents. Effortlessly navigate cobbled streets, winding mountain trails, and bustling urban areas with a tricycle that fits you best.

What Sized Tricycle is for Adults

This guide will take you through the best tricycle size for adults, answering the question, “What size tricycle for adults?”

How to Determine the Right Size for You

Use our adult tricycle-size chart to determine the ideal tricycle size based on your height.

Adult Height

Tricycle Size (Wheel)









Height and Weight of Rider

Depending on your size and riding style, the measurements of your adult-sized tricycle may differ, as reflected in the tricycle size chart above. This chart captures the general guidelines of tricycle wheel size that an adult rider should follow. Accurately gauging your height and weight before purchasing will help you choose a comfortable and efficient ride.

Frame Size and Design

Other factors to consider when selecting your tricycle are frame size and design. Refer to the size chart below when deliberating the tricycle-frame size you require.

Adult Height

Tricycle Size (Frame)





Over 6'



Regarding the design of your tricycle, other features such as compact sizes and electric motors can greatly enhance user experience. For steep terrain, an electric, pedal-assisted trike is ideal, while those searching for a compactable vehicle will marvel at the Viribus Folding Adult Tricycle. Whether you are climbing uphill paths or want to store your ride in the trunk of your car, the design of your tricycle frame - along with the size - is worth deliberation.

Wheel Size and Stability

Understanding how wheel size might affect your ride is important, as wheels with larger diameters can offer more comfort and stability, and wheels with smaller diameters can enhance maneuverability.

Tricycles featuring smaller wheels are closer to the ground, making mounting and dismounting easy. This design also maintains a lower center of gravity, enhancing overall balance. Tricycles with larger tires, however, allow easier pedaling and smoother travel. In fact, the width of your tricycle tires is also something to consider, as fatter tires increase shock absorption.

We at Viribus find tricycle tires of 24” or 26” to be a good balance between accessibility and mobility and offer a majority of our tricycles in those tire sizes.

Viribus Tricycles Wheels

Tricycles equipped with 24” or 26” wheels offer an optimal blend of accessibility and mobility.

Different Tricycle Sizes Available

Indeed, the size of your tricycle might vary from 20” to 27.5”. Understanding the difference between these tricycle sizes will allow you to find a ride that fits best for you!

Choosing the Right Size for Your Needs

Select a tricycle that suits your unique circumstances. Those operating in a crowded, urban environment might opt for a tricycle with a smaller wheel diameter, while those braving rocky forest trails might benefit from a tricycle with a larger wheel diameter. No matter the landscape you find yourself in, Viribus has a wide selection of adult tricycles designed for modern, everyday travel.

Additional Features to Consider When Buying an Adult Tricycle

Adjustable Seat and Handlebars

Consider your comfort when selecting your tricycle. An enlarged, cushioned seat can decrease the chance of an uncomfortable ride, while ergonomic handlebars can reduce the strain on your wrist, shoulders, and back. Ultra-sleek vehicles such as the Viribus Trio Electric Tricycle include these thoughtful features, along with the ability to adjust the saddle height.

Storage and Cargo Capacity

Just like a car has a trunk, a tricycle typically contains cargo space perfect for any equipment. After shopping or work, having enough space for your belongings adds to the benefits of a great ride. All of our Viribus trikes feature a large rear basket for any luggage or supplies you might need on a commute, with some models including an additional front basket for smaller objects for extensive storage.

Pedal Assistance

Tricycle riding should be for everyone, regardless of talent or ability. Some tricycles, like the Viribus Trio Plus Electric Tricycle, feature a rechargeable battery that grants you instant throttle or pedal assist. The thumb throttle and monitor on the handlebar are conveniently located, allowing you to zip over steep terrain or long stretches of road with moderate ease. Let’s face it, sometimes we all need an assist. Don’t be afraid to lean on Viribus for help!

Viribus Electric Tricycle Removable Battery

With the removable battery, you have the flexibility to charge it at your convenience.

Find the Perfect Viribus Tricycle for All Your Needs

When it comes down to it, choosing the right adult tricycle dimensions can mean the difference between a leisurely ride and an uncomfortable one. Accounting your height and weight and comparing it to our adult-tricycle size chart will allow you to accurately gauge the wheel diameter and frame size of the vehicle you require.

Additionally, factors such as frame design and wheel stability might sway you to select one size over another. Never again wonder what size tricycle for adults you might need; it mostly depends on preference, along with your height!

No matter the journey, Viribus has the perfect trike waiting. With ample storage, elegant carbon steel frames, and smooth riding, Viribus Tricycles are ideal for urban cities, ocean lanes, hilly paths, and more. Explore eco-friendly travel options with our electric models featuring pedal assistance - there’s no excuse to opt out of this convenient adventure. If you’re waiting for an opportunity to see the world from a different perspective, now’s your chance. Seize this chance - explore our selection, choose the perfect Viribus Tricycle, and start riding today!

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