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Top Seven Expert Tips To Keep Your E-Trike In Good Shape!

maintain e-trike

Tricycles are quickly becoming a favorite among lovers of outdoor activities. They are comfortable and easy to ride, stable and reliable, and contrary to traditional e-bikes, accessible to all: irrespective of age or medical condition. Purchasing an electric trike is an exciting call to adventure. However, there is always the looming fear of having to cut your ride short due to a flat tire, battery not being fully charged, or the horror of the brakes failing just as your make your way downhill. As frustrating as these problems could be, they are generally not unforeseeable. This guide will provide you with actionable tips to maintain your adult trike, keeping it in good shape at all times. These tips will ensure that get the most out of your e-trike, enjoying smooth and relaxed rides every time you mount.


Just like the heart is the to human body, the battery is pivotal for to the functionality of the electric trike. Moreover, tricycles run on lithium-ion batteries which could be especially delicate to handle. It is important to keep in mind that battery care starts from the moment you purchase your e-trike. Read manufacturer’s manual, and pay special attention to the instructions on how to charge the battery. Charging wrongly could damage the battery, causing it to wear out quicker.


This is a golden rule which must not be broken. For one thing, swapping chargers constitutes a breach of warranty agreements, and could result your warranty being declared void. But also, there is an additional safety risk: using the wrong charger could resulting in the battery being overheated. Lithium-ion batteries handle heat poorly, and have, in some cases, been known to explode when seriously overheated. Make sure to use only the charger provided by the manufacturer.


As a general rule, do not let the battery run down completely, and remember to unplug it when fully charged. Running down the battery to 0% on a regular basis could reduce the battery’s capacity to hold charge. This would result in the battery running down quicker. The same goes for regularly over charging: the battery could become heated, resulting in internal damage. The ideal is always to keep the battery between 20% to 80%, ensuring that it never completely runs down or gets overcharged. This measure is guaranteed to ensure long and healthy battery life.


As much as you can, keep the battery away from moisture. It is strongly recommended to take humidity into account when choosing where to park your trike. Lithium-ion batteries are particularly sensitive to moisture, so make sure it is parked in a dry location where the risk of moisture is minimal. Even so, it would be wise to take the battery out every once in a while, to check for rust, and ensure that it stays clean and dry.


Remember, your e-trike comes in at a weight of over 100 pounds, making it heavier than a traditional e-bike. This additional weight alone increases the potential damage in case of accidents. The most efficient way to ensure safety is to check and adjust the brakes regularly; cleaning, inspecting and lubricating where necessary. This activity must be done at least once in a month, according to expert advice.


3 wheel bikes are favored for their bigger, stronger tires which ensure that the ride is smooth and stable. Make sure that your tires are always properly inflated. Properly inflated tires ensure traction and stability on the road. Another pro-tip is to use tire liners or sealants. You can put tire liners between the tire and inner tube, or add sealants directly to the inner tube. These products help prevent the tire from becoming easily punctured, and even in the case of punctures, the air does not escape as easily.


The chain of your e-trike, as well as other components need constant lubrication in order to function properly. A bottle of bicycle lubricant would come in handy. Every time you clean your trike, apply the lubricant to the chain, and any other appropriate moving parts. This tip will not only stave off wear and tear, but also massively improve the mobility of your bike.

These tips are guaranteed to keep your trike healthy and in perfect working condition for a long time. However, it is greatly advised that you purchase your tricycle from a trusted brand of adult tricycles, and visit a professional trike maintenance service from time to time to give your e-trike a meticulous check-up and in-depth cleaning. With this combination of constant personal care and appropriate professional care, you will be enjoying long and relaxing rides for a long time.  

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