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Best Tricycle Maintenance Tips: Your Guide to Durability and Performance

how to maintain a bike

Hey there, Viribus enthusiasts! Whether you've chosen an adult tricycle for its stability, comfort, or downright joy to ride, knowing how to maintain a bike is key to continued adventures. After all, a well-maintained Viribus will perform far better than a neglected one. Here are some essential tips for the ultimate tricycle maintenance to keep your rides easy and breezy! 

Tips for Tricycle Maintenance

Lubricate the Bike Chain 

Your adult tricycle/bike chain is essential for holding your ride together. Routine lubrication ensures smooth pedaling and prevents premature wear and tear on your etrike. Purchase bike-specific lubricant and apply it gently to your chain, brakes, and cables while pedaling to ensure even coverage. 

man oiling chain on bike

Make sure to clean the chain before applying lubricant and wipe off excessive lube after applying. Lubricant attracts dirt and debris, which can eat away at the metal surfaces of your tricycle for adults. It’s best to avoid these scenarios by keeping your adult tricycles and bikes as clean as possible! 

Avoid Prolonged Exposure to the Elements

Despite the fact that Viribus tricycles for adults feature all-weather brakes and splash-free fenders for riding in various conditions, storing your vehicle in an open environment can lead to rapid deterioration. Sunshine, wind, and moisture are your steed’s worst enemies when it comes to its complexion, resulting in rust and wear. 

viribus tricycle frame bright pink

UV rays can fade your bike’s brilliant paint job and damage plastic or rubber parts. Additionally, wind and moisture can cause your metal bike frame to rust and corrode. Protect your tricycle for adults in a cool, dry place away from the elements when you’re not taking it out around the town. Keep your ride looking good for all occasions! 

Regulate Tire Pressure

Like with a car, regularly pumping your tires protects them from punctures and wear. Underinflated tires are more prone to degradation and require more energy to ride on! Use a reliable pressure gauge to check your tire pressure regularly and inflate your tires to your tricycle manufacturer’s recommendation. Maintaining proper tire pressure means less strain on your tricycle—allowing you to ride further and longer!

Battery Care for E-Trikes 

viribus electric tricycle battery

For our adult electric tricycle riders, the battery is the lifeblood of the trike. If you have an electric tricycle for adults and don’t plan on using it for a while, remove the battery and store it properly. Ensure the tricycle battery is charged to about 40-70% and keep it in a cool, dry area. These conditions will keep your battery’s capacity and lifespan from deteriorating in long-term storage. 

If you regularly use your electric adult trike, periodic charging will keep your battery from depleting completely. Too much battery depletion can cause irreparable damage to the battery’s ability to hold a charge, so consistently charging your electric tricycle for adults helps preserve your battery life.

Inspect Your Brakes 

viribus bike handle brakes

Brakes aren’t just crucial; they’re there to catch you in your worst moments. If your tricycle feels less responsive when braking, it might be time for an adjustment or new brake pads. Typical brake pads have wear indicators that signify when replacement is necessary. If these indications have disappeared, it’s time to replace the pads. 

Viribus models like the Viribus Trio Plus Electric Trike for adults feature ergonomic, double mechanical-disc handbrakes that offer extra safety in all conditions. With sensitive and quick braking, you can slow down for more confident riding. 


In the essence of adventure, looking after your Viribus tricycle is part of the journey. Regular chain lubrication, sheltering your trike from harsh elements, caring for your battery, and regulating your brakes are important for maintaining your adult electric trike’s well-being. When it comes to tricycle maintenance, doing more means doing less in the long run!

Remember, being proactive is key in tricycle upkeep. With these five tips for e-trike maintenance, your vehicle will be as ready and raring to go as you are. Every tricyclist is part of the Viribus family, where the spirit of cycling is cultivated and celebrated. Ensure you’re always adventure-ready with Viribus e-trikes for adults!

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