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Should I buy a motorcycle or an electric bike?

Fat Tire Ebike for Sale Cheap Electric Bike Mountain Bike Viribus

We have noticed that many people are interested in whether to buy an electric bike or a motorcycle. There are all kinds of electric vehicles, and often struggle with how to choose when shopping for them. Today, I also help you analyze how to choose the right type of personal travel transport from multiple perspectives.

1. whether there is insurance in the area, and whether the individual has a motorcycle driver's license

The essential difference between motorcycles and electric bike is that motorcycles are classified within the category of motor vehicles, and the other belongs to the non-motorized category. It is important to note that a car driver's license is not a substitute for a motorcycle driver's license, and you will need to take the appropriate test. If you have a motorcycle license or are ready to get it, then if you want to choose a motorcycle, then there is no worry about it ~ otherwise it is better to choose an electric bike!

Whether you're a seasoned eBiker or a newbie, every rider should be aware of the local and U.S electric bike regulations in their state.

If you're new to eBiking, you're not alone; eBikes have become increasingly popular across the U.S. in the last decade. E-Bike popularity has outpaced U.S electric bike regulations and left many states playing catch-up.

Electric bicycle (e-bike) laws are different in every state, and can be confusing for riders, retailers, and suppliers.

2. Consider the use of scenarios and needs

When choosing a motorcycle and an electric bike, we must consider our daily use. If it is a short distance to use, to walk, grocery shopping, school or pick up children as the main purpose, I recommend getting an electric bike, in addition, if the elderly or students use, try to choose an electric bike, because the current standard electric bicycle, lighter weight, the price is more favorable compared to motorcycles, and the speed will not exceed 30 miles / h, security is relatively high.
If the use of scenarios to a longer distance commuting, urban, take-away errands or the pursuit of certain speed, on the basis of relevant documents can be considered to get a motorcycle, speed up to 30 miles / h or more, and because of the burning of oil, run farther.

Fat Tire Ebike for Sale Cheap Electric Bike Mountain Bike Viribus

3. Economy and environmental protection

Motorcycles need to be refueled, which can be a significant expense.
Electric bike motors are much quieter. Motorcycle engines are louder, and in the case of high horsepower motorcycles, they produce a lot of sound, which undoubtedly creates noise inside the community.
Electric bikes are powered by electricity, which is recognized by the world as a green and clean energy source that does not produce exhaust fumes and is more environmentally friendly.
Electric bikes only need to be charged, reuse high, more efficient energy.
Electric Bike green and clean energy source Viribus

Of course, whether you choose electric self or electric motor, it is recommended that you choose the regular brand, one is quality assurance, the second is convenient after-sales. The Viribus brand is a certified US-based brand, so please feel free to buy it!

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