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Black Friday bike for sale 2022 | best prices

Black Friday Electric Mountain Bike For Sale 2022 Best Prices Viribus
Black Friday Electric Bike For Sale 2022 Viribus Best Prices

Dear cyclists, now that Black Friday is coming up, Viribus bikes are starting to pre-sell on our online platform, and this year's deals are even crazier than last year's deals.

Now offline stores basically can't haggle and set how much it costs. so for many students, commuters, cycling enthusiasts and other groups who don't have a large budget or those cycling enthusiasts who want to save money, it's a great time to buy a bike on Black Friday. It's a shopping spree with VIRIBUS!

If you purchase your favourites online, please feel free that the warranty is exactly the same as offline, and you can go to the Viribus store to find a solution to the problems, buy online is sent directly to your home-Your bycicles will be dilivered to you directly if you purchase online! The bike is relatively simple to install, We will help you to assemble the key parts of the bike you buy in advance, so that it'll be simple for you to finish the next step! You only need to put the pedals and handlebars together, and the front wheel can be installed, If you are a novice, even if your rusty skills slow down your installation, you can finish the installation in almost an hour. If you really don't know how to install it, don't worry! The virivus youtube channel will answer all your questions!

You can also talk to the bike store workers, fill in the address of the bike store, and we will ship the bike to the address you specify for free so that them can assist you with assemble.

We provide 24h customer service, you can always contact us.

I think we still need to learn to install our own bicycles, after the successful installation you will have a sense of accomplishment. Learn a skill is never too much, maybe this skill can help you in the future.
Here are a few viribus models worth purchasing, there are electric mountain bikes, electric fat tire bikes, electric tricycles and trikes, according to your budget and preferences to choose, without further ado, here we go


Black Friday Electric Mountain Bike For Sale 2022 Viribus Best Prices



Final Price $899

I recommend this Viribus mountain bike within $1000, students, office workers or seniors as a commute bike is which is completely adequate, if you want to ride in complex road conditions off-road or long-distance riding, then it is not enough.
This model is for all riders, the overall configuration is okay, the discounted price of $899 is more worth more worth being purchased, the Black one is also  $50. cheaper

The max range with pedal assist is 90 miles, and the max range with throttle is 37 miles. 4 hours on a full charge


Black Friday Electric Mountain Bike For Sale 2022 Viribus Best Prices



Final Price $849


Black Friday Electric Tricycle Bikes For Sale 2022 Viribus Best Prices



Final Price $1299

Electric tricycle is suitable for tarmac, concrete roads and other relatively flat road, for people who want more space to carry goods, or somebody who has physical incovenience, or those who are seniors. when you see the $1500 electric tricycle, you'll get a feeling that.. that Viribus trike and the original beyond his own value, Both from the performance and price of the bike, this model is a very good value for money.

Configured with a super comfortable seat,

Black Friday Electric Fat Tire Beach Bike For Sale 2022 Viribus Best Prices



Final Price $1199

The overall design is more off-road, with a full aluminum frame, motor peak up to 800W high-speed brushless motor, 624Wh high-efficiency lithium battery, Shimano rear paddle 7-speed, Chaoyang tires, 330lbs Payload Capacity, the Payload Capacity is 330lbs

If you are a novice cyclist, you can choose a mountain bike as a starter. Mountain bikes can adapt to a wide variety of roads, such as asphalt roads, dirt roads and even rugged mountain roads,which makes a cost-effective choice for you. Older people will be advised to choose a tricycle that can transport heavy loads while being very safe and secure. In fact, many friends to buy a bike budget is not particularly high, often everyone's budget is between $1000-3000, within this price range people can buy a very good performance of the mountain bike, use this bike, people can get a pleasant cycling experience.

But if you choose a road bike or mid-motor electric bike in this price range, you can't buy a cost-effective bikes or ebikes, so I personally recommend that newcomers start to choose a mountain bike. Viribus electric mountain bike only $849. SHOP NOW

Buy a bike at viribus and enjoy the best performance at the cheapest price.Hope this article will help you have a great Black Friday at Viribus!

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