Pedaling Trike comfortably with bad knees and arthritis

Why Cycling Is Good for Your Knees?
The main reason cycling is great for your knees is because it puts less stress on your joints.

This is great for people with arthritis and other conditions that affect the knee joint.
It will limit impact stress on weight-bearing joints like your knees.

Plus, the movement when you pedal the bike helps lubricate your joints and, in turn, reduces pain and stiffness.

Bicycling can also be done at a wide range of intensities.

You can go as fast or slow as you’d like, coast for a little bit, use lower gears, or go all out if you’re in the mood.

Peer-reviewed studies have shown that people with knee osteoarthritis can benefit from low-intensity cycling. It can improve function and gait, decreasing pain, and boosting aerobic fitness.

Moderate pedaling can promote an increased range of motion in your knee and hip and strengthen your quadriceps.

Cycling also works your glutes and hamstrings, and strong muscles surrounding the knee can help support and protect your joints.

How to Choose an Outdoor Bike with Arthritis?
Fit your bike. If you have upper body, neck, or back pain, a hybrid-style bike with high handlebars may be a better choice. You can sit more upright, which may ease pain. Viribus's tricycle with high handlebar, comfortable and smooth ride.

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We suggest you choose Viribus tricycle. Along with coming in several brilliant colors, the frame details give that vintage cruiser style that you'll crazy about. However, there’s so much more that makes Viribus of the best three wheel bikes around. and the Shimano shifter gives seven speeds to go between, perfect for early morning rides.

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