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Women's tricycle 3 wheel bike for adults Viribus

Women's tricycle
A women's tricycle gives women the possibility to move independently, even if this was not possible for a long time. We offer different types of tricycles in our assortment, because we know that every person, every woman is different and has different needs and settings. We make our bikes individually and according to your needs.
The Viribus is available in both single-speed and 7-speed styles. The single speed is more suitable for flat city roads and the 7-speed is suitable for hilly roads.
Viribus Adult Tricycle Single Speed
  • Color: Pink
  • Size: 24'' / 26''
  • Speed: Single Speed


Viribus Adult Tricycle 7-Speed
  • Color: Pink
  • Size: 24'' / 26''
  • Speed: Single Speed

In order to get an easier riding experience and to be able to cover long distances without any problems, all adult tricycles can be equipped with the unique Viribus pedal support the Silent System as an option. With the Viribus tricycles you have a feeling of safety because all three wheels touch the ground at all times.

All Viribus tricycles are characterized by their easy handling, and depending on how you assemble your bike, special handlebars and special seats and also other accessories can increase the comfort of your ladies tricycle.

Customer says: “This bike is for everyone! I love it. The trike is fantastic, and my neighbors wave when I ring [or beep] when cruising by. I get at least of 10 miles of activity per day without straining my back, and after two back surgeries, that’s priceless!

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