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The 5 Best Electric Tricycles for Adults

best tricycle for adults

The best tricycle for you is one that will provide you with the best ride. In some cases, this means ergonomic and supportive seats, handlebars, and frames. For others, this might mean thick tires and full-suspension for smooth cycling. It all depends on your priorities!

In this article, we will compare the 5 best electric tricycles for adults in order to help you choose one for yourself. We will share the specs of each model, along with specific features and customer reviews. If you are wondering, “What is the best electric tricycle for adults?” continue reading to learn more!

Top 5 Electric Tricycles for Adults


Viribus Trio Electric Tricycle

Viribus Trio Plus Electric Tricycle, Dual Chain

EVRYjourney 250W Electric Tricycle

Lectric Electric XP Trike

Mooncool 24"/26" 350W Electric Trike













Charging Time

4-6 hours

4-6 hours


4-6 hours






500W nominal



30 miles for pedal, 21.7 miles for throttle

30 miles for pedal, 21.7 miles for throttle

20-60 miles for pedal, 18-40 for electric

20-60 miles for pedal, 15-55 miles for throttle

35 miles

Wheel Size

24", 26"

24", 26"


20" x 2.6"

24", 26"


70 lbs

87 lbs


69.5 lbs

64 lbs


43.7" x 29.72" x 12.99"

43.7" x 29.72" x 12.99"


63.5" x 30.5" x 43"

66" x 30" x 27"

Cargo Space

Yes, rear

Yes, rear

Yes, rear

Yes, front and rear

Yes, rear

*Price as of 12/27/23

If you want a high-quality vehicle that offers a smooth and comfortable ride, the Viribus Trio Plus is the best of the best electric tricycles for adults. The dual-chain design of this tricycle prioritizes stability and equalized pedaling-power for efficient travel. Paired with a powerful 350W motor seamlessly attached to the carbon-steel frame, riding the Viribus Trio Plus is a breeze!

This tricycle also features ergonomic handlebars and a comfortable, wide seat to support your wrists and backside while traveling. The raised handlebars include easily-accessible brakes, thumb throttle, and speed monitor. Viribus tricycles feature all-weather braking, meaning that you can confidently stop regardless of weather conditions. Safety, comfortable, and easy riding are all ensured on the Viribus Trio Plus!

Similar to the Viribus Trio Plus is the Viribus Trio. A classic, electric trike for adults, the Viribus Trio comes in a wide selection of attractive colorways to match your personality. Just like the Viribus Trio Plus, the standard Trio offers a pedal-assistance range of approximately 30 miles at a 4-6 hour charging time. This one-speed vehicle offers a similar, ergonomic design to the Trio Plus with raised handlebars and cushioned saddle. For a lower price point, you receive the efficiency, stability, and intuitive features of a classic Viribus tricycle, but with less power.

electric trikeThe Viribus Trio Plus Electric Tricycle, Dual Chain

How Viribus Stacks Up Against the Competition

Affordable Price

Viribus tricycles pride themselves on high-quality at affordable prices. Especially with end-of-the-year sales going on, you can save even more when you purchase a Viribus electric tricycle. Don’t compromise on quality when Viribus is offering fair prices for superb products.

Compact Designs

Viribus tricycles feature compact frames that make them ideal for maneuvering and parking in tight areas. Their smaller stature does not mean that they are any less effective, however! The Viribus Trio, for example, comes in either 24” or 26” wheel sizes to provide easier pedaling and faster speeds for users.

Comfortable Seating

Customer reviews for the Lectric Electric XP Trike mention desires for more comfortable seating and suspension. Viribus understands the importance of an ample seat that offers comfort for its riders, which is why the Viribus Trio and Trio Plus feature wide, ergonomic saddles to cushion users’ backsides and reduce discomfort. The raised seat also allows for a more upright position, as opposed to a bent-over one. This reduces strain on your back, shoulders, and wrists—making long tricycle rides more comfortable!

High-Quality Components

Consumers of the Mooncool 24"/26" 350W Electric Trike reported missing, damaged, or broken components upon receiving the product. Viribus tricycles, on the other hand, are composed of high-quality components. The Viribus Trios feature carbon steel frames, puncture-resistant tires with aluminum alloy rims, and vinyl-wrapped cables to make sure your purchase lasts you a long time.

Additionally, all Viribus bikes receive a 50-point inspection before shipping. This ensures that your Viribus tricycle is in prime condition when it comes to your doorstep.

Conclusion: What to Consider When Choosing an Adult Trike

Now that you’ve learned about the best electric tricycles for adults on the market, it’s time to consider one for yourself. In order to choose the best adult tricycle for you, you must consider frame material and durability; wheel size and stability; weight capacity; additional features and accessories; and most importantly; price.

If you are still debating over what is the best tricycle for adults, first choose a target price point for your purchase. Deliberate other factors as well. Do you want a tricycle with thick tires to glide over rough terrain, or do you want thinner tires for better aerodynamics? Are larger, more powerful batteries your prerogative, or will a smaller, faster charging battery do the job just as well? Ultimately, knowing what you are looking for in a tricycle will allow you to choose the best electric tricycle for adults.

electric tricycleRide the Viribus Trio Electric Tricycle anywhere! 

Ride With Viribus

Don’t settle for low-quality products at minimal prices! Additionally, there is no need to spend hundreds more on vehicles that offer similar, sometimes inferior features to that of Viribus. With powerful motors; effective all-weather brakes; bright LED headlights; ample cargo space; and ergonomic handlebars and seats, you can get the best electric tricycle for adults right here. Explore new horizons and turn any ride into an adventure with a Viribus trike!


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