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5 Reasons of Why You Should Get an E-Bike

Reasons of Why You Should Get an E-Bike

As technology progresses fast nowadays, there are more transportation options for people to choose from, in this article, we will be discussing why electric bikes are an ideal pick for you.

Reasons of Why You Should Get an E-Bike

Customizable Fitness Improver

Although E-bikes have extra support for you, the fitness benefits they bring can be the same as a regular bike. According to a study by the Switzerland's University of Basel, an electric bicycle can improve your physical and mental health, and your fitness level can be improved by riding an e-bike---just as good as riding a regular bike. 

There are many electric bikes that allow you to adjust the power level of the assisted pedals, so you get to decide whether you want to sweat more and do a harder ride, or just save some energy today.

Thus, an E-bike can be a perfect customizable fitness improver for anyone without letting one worry too much about not being active enough.

Customizable Fitness Improver with Ebike

Make Your Commute Easier

Riding an E-Bike to work can save you from the rush hour traffic jam and avoid parking trouble, also, some foldable electric bikes can be taken onto the subway. If you live in a relatively busy area and still suffer from driving through a traffic jam every morning, then an E-Bike could be a time and mood saver.

Very different from regular bikes, electric bicycles give you the option of getting an extra boost to cover more mileage of longer trips. And of course, they also go faster than the regular ones.

You can take the advantage of taking traffic-free bike lines to reduce your commuting time. Even e-bikes are electric, they are still counted as bikes, so you don't have to worry if there's nowhere to park --- just park your e-bike off the street in the bicycle parking area and you’re good to run! Or even better --- if you purchased a foldable electric bike, you can even fold them and take them into the building, isn’t that brilliant?


As traffic alternatives for a car, motorbike, or scooter, electric bicycles can save the environment effectively by reducing your fossil fuel consumption and producing less CO2.

The European Cyclist’s Federation (ECF) releases a study that compared people’s carbon footprint of cycling and driving vehicles: with a result of 21 grams of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) per cyclist and 271 grams of CO2e per passenger in a car, it illustrates the significant change people can make to the environment by changing their traffic method.

So don’t doubt about it, you can benefit the environment just by making a small change to your daily life.

Viribus Bike Lower Expenses

Lower Expenses

Imagine if you take driving a vehicle as your major traffic method, then except for the car itself, you will have to pay for: the gas, parking fee, car wash, oil change, part exchange, maintenances and sometimes ticket fee (although we all try our best to avoid it, it happens sometimes) …

All these expenses can be lowered by simply choosing to ride an e-bike, then except for the bike itself, the highest expense will be the cost to charge your E-bike.

According to the Eco Cost Savings, refer to the average cost per kWh by country, and the average annual miles traveled by US drivers, you only have to pay $ 21.17 per year to charge your electric bike --- not even as expensive as a tank of gas!

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Makes Things Simpler

Makes Things Simpler

Unlike riding a motorbike, riding an E-bike doesn’t require any license or insurance. As electric bikes are still considered bicycles, so to ride an E-bike, all you need is a safety helmet and a good mood that is ready to enjoy the fresh air and an easy, relaxing ride.

To wrap up, although we only mentioned 5 of the benefits of E-bikes, we know you’ve got the idea that an electric bicycle could really make your life easier, and you won’t regret buying one. If you want to purchase a high-quality electric bike but don’t know where to start, you can check for a quick start!

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