VB1 Classic Adult Tricycle (Sales Deals)

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Size: 24''
Color: Red

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The Safest Tricycle Adult Tricycle

Safety and convenience are at the heart of our design, so you can ride with confidence day and night. Our low step-through frame ensures easy on and off, while the 7-speed Shimano derailleur offers a smooth ride whether you are cruising on level roads or climbing uphill. The dual chain design not only enhances power distribution and improves torque but also simplifies the installation process. The spacious rear basket with a 66 lb. load capacity can conveniently carry your essentials or transport your furry friends. Constructed with high carbon steel, this three wheel bike for adults effortlessly supports riders up to 330 lb. and provides long-lasting service.

High carbon steel
26'' / 24'' x1.75
Dual Chain
Disc Brake
Parking Brake
Shimano 7 speed
Rec. Rider Height
5 ft. 1 in. -5 ft. 9 in. (155-175 cm)
Overall Height
43 (110 cm)
Overall Length
71 in. (180 cm)
Weight Capacity
400 lb. (180 kg)
Basket Weight Capacity
66 lb. (30 kg)
Net Weight
59.5 lb. (27 kg)
Included Components
1 x Adult tricycle, 1 x instruction manual, 1 x set of wrenches, 1 x philips screwdriver

Shimano 7 Speed

What is the Speed?


What' the Recommended Rider’s Height?

3-Wheel Bike

Easy Step-Thru Design

Effortlessly mount and dismount your bike, allowing for easy access and a stress-free riding experience.

Carry All Your Essentials

Whether it's groceries, essentials, or personal belongings, our rear cargo basket offers ample room to accommodate all your needs.

Splash-Free Riding

Enjoy the freedom of riding without worrying about splashes and dirt. With fenders protecting all three wheels, you can embrace every journey with confidence and arrive at your destination feeling fresh.

Elevate Your Comfort

Designed to provide an upright riding position, it offers enhanced ergonomics and reduces strain on your wrists and back. Whether you're commuting or leisurely cruising, our raised handlebar ensures a comfortable and enjoyable ride every time.

Enlarged Cushion Saddle

Designed to provide superior support and plushness, it ensures a luxurious and enjoyable ride every time.

VB1 Classic Adult Tricycle

Dual Chain Adult Tricycle

Experience enhanced power distribution, improved torque, and easier installation with this dual chain 24 inch adult tricycle. Whether you're an experienced cyclist or a beginner, it's your ideal choice for daily exercise, leisurely outings, and grocery shopping.

VB1 Classic Adult Tricycle Parking Brake

Parking Brake

  • HoId down the brake and press the parking buckle at the same time to look the brake and keep the brake state;
  • Press the brake again, the buckle will automatically POP up, release the brake lever, and drive normally;
VB1 Classic Adult Tricycle

Smooth Shifting

Equipped with a 7-speed Shimano derailleur and user-friendly handle rotation shifter, this three-wheel bike ensures smooth and precise gear changes for stable rides on various types of terrain, from city streets to winding trails.

Viribus 7-speed tricycle for woman

Make Your Goals Achievable and Ecstatic

So why wait? Get your own Viribus trike and experience the ultimate combination of convenience, stability, and comfort!

Feel Safe Wherever You Go

Each Viribus Trike goes through a detailed 50-point inspection before we ship it to you right down to the tiniest screw.

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Got any questions? We’re here for you!

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