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Is 100lb overload too heavy? How payload affects electric tricycle mileage

Is 100lb overload too heavy? How payload affects electric tricycle mileage

Electric tricycles like the Viribus Trio Plus Adult Electric Tricycle are great for hauling cargo with their spacious rear rack. But how much weight can you load before it impacts battery range? We tested how a 100 lb payload affects the Trio Plus.

Baseline Range

The Trio Plus can travel around 50 km (30 miles) on a single charge with just a rider and minimal cargo. This is the baseline range under a light load.

55 lb Payload

With an extra 55 lb payload, the Trio Plus range dropped slightly to 40 km (25 miles). The motor handled this weight without too much trouble.

100 lb Payload

At 100 lb of cargo, the Trio Plus range decreased notably to 30 km (19 miles). Heavy loads come at a mileage cost.

Factors that Offset Loss

Riders can offset range loss from heavy cargo by using lower assist levels and pedaling more. Larger 600Wh batteries also counteract capacity loss from overload weight. But there are limits to what an e-trike can handle. You'd better buy a spare battery.

While the Viribus TriGo Plus Electric Tricycle can carry sizable cargo, exceeding the weight capacity by 100lb significantly reduces achievable distance per charge. Carefully balance payload against desired range.

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