Guide to fixing a flat tire of ebike

Guide to fixing a flat tire of ebike
We’ve all been out for a ride that’s borderline heavenly; the weather’s pristine and everything seems to be perfect until BAM! You’re riding around on a deflated tire. The frustration is real, but you can learn quickly enough how to fix a flat e-bike tire.
While a serious flat may be the end of your ride that day, it doesn’t have to keep you off the trails for long. With proper preparation and a few simple steps, it’s only a matter of time before you can resume riding like nothing ever happened. The Viribus team has outlined simple step-by-step instructions for fixing a flat and getting back on the road.
here are the steps that you should consider:
  1. Turn off the power: Make sure that the ebike is turned off before you start fixing the flat tire.

  2. Remove the wheel: Turn the bike upside down or use a stand to balance it on its side. Use a wrench or spanner to remove the nuts that hold the wheel in place.

  3. First thing is first when it comes to fixing a flat e-bike tire: identify and buy the right tube size. Tires typically will have a number on the outside that will say “26 x 2.0” or “20 x 4.0” This is the size of tube you’ll want to search for, and it should be stated on the packaging of the tube itself. Release the tire: Use a tire lever to remove the tire from the rim. Insert the tire lever between the rim and the tire and use it to pry the tire away from the rim. Keep doing this until the tire is completely off the rim.

  4. Remove the tube: Remove the inner tube from inside the tire. Take note of the position of the valve stem.

  5. Find the puncture: Inflate the inner tube slightly and listen for the hissing sound of escaping air. Alternatively, you can immerse the tube in water and look for bubbles.

  6. Fix the puncture: Use a patch kit to fix the puncture. Apply the patch over the puncture and press it down firmly. Wait for a few minutes for the adhesive to set.

  7. Replace the inner tube: Put the newly patched or replaced inner tube back into the tire. Make sure that it is seated correctly and that the valve stem is in the correct position.

  8. Put the tire back onto the rim: Starting at the valve stem, work the tire back onto the rim. Use your hands to push the tire back in place. Be careful not to pinch the tube between the tire and rim.

  9. Inflate the tire: Use a pump to inflate the tire to the recommended pressure. Check the tire pressure with a gauge. Reattach the wheel: Put the wheel back onto the bike and reattach the nuts.

  10. Test the tire: Give the wheel a spin to check that everything is okay. Check that the tire is seated correctly and that there are no bulges or wrinkles in the tube.

If I were to consistently notice a slow leak in your rear tire after a road ride, chances are the tube was punctured by something minor on the road. By knowing this, I know to run a higher pressure in the rear tire next time I ride. That's it! You've successfully fixed your flat tire on your ebike.

Congratulations! And here’s to no flats in the future.

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