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Choosing Tricycle Wheel Size for Your Adult Trike: A Guide

Choosing Tricycle Wheel Size for Your Adult Trike: A Guide

Riding an electric adult tricycle is an easy and simple experience that allows you to focus on the comfort and exhilaration of the journey instead of fussing over the logistics. No need to fret over maintaining your balance or your ability to pedal when you can have a stable, electric tricycle for adults! 

Choosing your tricycle, however, is another story altogether. If you’re deliberating what tricycle wheel size to get, know that each person might have a different answer. This choice can transform a routine commute into an enjoyable voyage, making each ride smoother and brighter. With this guide, we’ll explain the importance of choosing the correct bike wheel size and how you can ensure comfort and stability with every journey. 

adult riding electric tricycle

Wheel Size for Adult Tricycles

Tricycle wheel size is crucial to consider when purchasing electric tricycles for adults. Our tricycles are designed for adults and offer robust 24” and 26” tire sizes. Viribus electric tricycles are built with adventure in mind, meaning our range of tire sizes can handle the bumps and hiccups of different terrains. If you match your bike wheel size to your specific needs, your ride will be a breeze! 

Considerations for Bike Wheel Size 

Terrain and Environment

Whether you plan to use your electric trike for daily commutes or beach cruising, the etrike you invest in should match the terrain you encounter. For thrill-seekers venturing into rugged hills or battling uneven pavement, 26-inch wheels offer better shock absorption and grip for rough terrain. Larger wheels generally provide increased stability and confidence on uneven ground. 

24-inch wheels, on the other hand, are designed for urban streets and smooth surfaces. Their smaller design provides easier navigation and control due to their lightweight nature, making it a smarter choice for cities, parks, and more. 

Rider Size 

Your adult trike should fit your physique and not just the vision you have in your head. Factors like height and weight play a huge role in deciding your bike wheel size. Generally, we recommend riders between 4’11” and 5’9” opt for an adult electric tricycle with 24” tires.

On the other hand, riders from 5’3” to 6’2” should go with 26” trike tires to accommodate their taller build. If you’re a heavier occupant, larger wheels help evenly distribute your weight and increase traction and control. 

viribus trigo plus adult tricycle electric

Tricycle Design

Some tricycles for adults are built specifically for 24-inch or 26-inch wheels. Swapping out the adult tricycle tire size might affect the e-trike’s control, suspension, and other factors contributing to your ride's comfort and safety. 

Luckily, Viribus electric tricycle models come in 24” and 26” options, allowing you to customize your ride to your needs. If you’re looking for a stable, long-lasting vehicle that can take you further than you’ve been before, the Viribus TriGo Plus Electric Tricycle comes in colorways of Cyan, Blue, White, and Pink, with wheel size options of 24” and 26”. 

Big Wheel vs. Small Wheel Tricycles 

If you’re deciding between a small or big wheel tricycle for adults, remember that larger wheels offer better support and shock absorption. Big tricycle wheels also require less effort to go fast, as their larger circumference means less rotations. If you’re looking for a vehicle for leisurely beach rides and daily commutes, an adult big-wheel tricycle might be the right choice for you. 

comparing tricycle wheel size

On the flip side, smaller wheels are lighter and easier to control—offering better mobility and navigation. 24-inch wheels might benefit urban riders or mountaineers, as small wheels work better for climbing hills. Their quick acceleration and easy maneuvering make a smaller-wheeled trike suitable for city folk and adventurers. 

Big or Small: Viribus Has Them All! 

Choosing the right wheel size for your adult tricycle is all good and fun, but having a tricycle company you trust is just as important. The perfect tricycle ticks off all the boxes in wheel size, comfort, stability, aesthetics, and functionality! Viribus electric tricycles take riders far and wide, allowing our users to reach new heights.

Our electric tricycles are designed with meticulous attention to detail and a passionate goal to assist you on life’s journeys. Start your Viribus experience today and unlock the future of eco-friendly, convenient travel! 

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