Find a Viribus Dealer Near Me

Try Before You Buy

Want to feel more confident about buying an electric bike online? No worries. We offer test rides and rentals, two options for a hands-on experience. Not sure where to go? Visit a Viribus Retail store, local bike shop or rental location.

Test Ride An E-Trike

Stop by a Viribus Retail Store, or a participating local bike shop for a free test ride. It’s a fun, low-pressure way to try as many models as you’d like.

After your ride, you can purchase your favorite ebike online or at a Viribus Retail location.

Free Repair Services

If your e-bike encounters any technical or mechanical issues, our engineers will provide a free diagnosis, and any broken components or parts will be replaced for free. Our aim is to maintain the high quality of all e-bikes and solve any problems with your bike as quickly as possible.

Pickup for Your Assembled Viribus E-Trike

Once you give us a call to confirm the availability of your preferred model, we will assemble your e-trike on the same day. Our engineers, who are specially trained in all aspects of Viribus e-tricycles, will present the bikes to ensure their quality and provide instruction on how to ride them.

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