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Viribus TriGo Electric Tricycle
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Viribus Step-Through EBike Electric Cruiser Bike Easier To Board
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Viribus DuoSense City E-Bike Commuter Bikes Electric Cruiser Bike
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Viribus Panther Mountain Electric Bike for Sale Black e mountain bike
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Electric Bikes for Mom

What makes an electric tricycle & bike the best gift for Mother's Day?

Electric Bikes for Mothers

TriGo Electric Tricycle UL 2271 Certified

Enhancing Fitness and Health

TriGo Electric Tricycles are equipped with assistive pedals that are designed to help mothers engage in regular exercise and improve their cardiovascular health.

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TriGo Plus Electric Tricycle UL 2271 Certified

Simplifying Mother's Daily Errands

Opting for a tension-free, upright body position on TriGo Plus Electric Tricycle can alleviate stress on key joints, including the shoulders, knees, and back, resulting in a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. Additionally, tricycles can be a practical solution for mothers experiencing balance issues.

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Breeze Electric Bike

Riding in Comfort

Viribus Breeze Electric Bike features a front basket to accomdate mother's daily shopping needs. Its electric function not only assists in carrying the load but also helps conserve their energy.

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DuoSense Electric City Bike

Safe and Reliable

DuoSense electric bikes are not exceptionally fast, reaching a maximum speed of 20 mph. Additionally, they are equipped with dual disc brakes that offer precise control and enhance riding safety.

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Trikes for Adults: 3-Wheel Bikes Offer Stability

Special 3-wheel bikes called trikes provide stability and ease of use for adult riders. Unlike traditional bicycles, these unique tricycles have 3 wheels for additional balance, comfort and control. Discover tricycle with large baskets, electric assist trikes, and adults trike that enable riders to enjoy cycling safely.

Three Wheel Bike

Compare Tricycle VS E-Tricycle

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to find the right tricycle for you with our side-by-side comparison of the different models. If you're still not sure which tricycle is right for you send us an email at

Viribus TriGo Electric Tricycle
Viribus TriGo Electric Tricycle Sale priceFrom $799.00 Regular price$849.00
Blue Cyan White Pink Red Black
Viribus TriGo Plus Electric Tricycle for Adults 3 Wheel Bike for Sale
TriGo Plus 350W Sale price$849.00 Regular price$899.00
Cyan Blue White Pink





36V 13Ah, 468Wh

36V 13Ah, 468Wh

36V, 360Wh

Throttle Range





1 Speed

Shimano, 7-speed

1 speed


UL 2271 2289

UL 2271 2289