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Why Electric Bicycles are The New Trend

In all aspects, technology is changing our lives, whether is through medicines or transportations, there is no doubt, that electric bicycles are one of the changes,and they already began booming a few years ago and have since exploded in popularity. But why do more people start buying more electric bicycles?

 Healthier and Better Lifestyle

Cycling is known as one of the best ways to working out. Through cycling you will get a load of benefits!When you training your legs and core, your heart, lung, blood vessels are also getting healthier. What makes electric bicycles different is that you can choose the wider riding range exercise differences from it. You can do as little or as much work out you decided to do. If you are not in the mood for intense working out, you can choose to use pedal assist mode, enjoy the views, while you get more comfortable exercise, or you can ride it and exercise your full body.

Less Effort More Miles

When car traffics or long distances walk are bothering you, Electric bicycles are perfect transportation for you. Whether you are commuting, ride around in the city, or have a shopping trip, the electric bicycle will cover miles of distance with little effort to help you smoothly reach the destination.

Environment Friendly

Electric bicycles are wonderful transportation to reduce ecological footprints and air pollution. When you riding an electric bicycle means you are not adding extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. At the same time, you are producing zero air pollution. When more people start biking, will creates a healthier, better atmosphere for people and animals.

No maintenance is required!

Because electric bicycles are powered by the three elements of battery, electric control, and motor, it has almost no components such as the battery, so there is almost no place for maintenance. Compared with ordinary cars that require long-term replacement of gearbox oil and coolant, electric bicycles reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.


About Viribus Electric Bicycles 

Viribus are focusing to create bikes, and it has been our professions, we provide types of bicycles to all age people, and one of them is our electric bicycles. Viribus electric bicycles provide a wide range of choices to allow you to decide to work out more or less; To make your own decision, for your lifestyle!

Viribus E-bikes have 3 modes, you can have as little or as much exercise as they want on riding an E-bike, if you want full work out, then use it as a regular bicycle, if you just want to ride around on the street, then you can choose peddle assist mode, enjoy the views, while you get more comfortable exercise.
At Viribus, we provide electric bicycles with cheaper Price and good Quality, Most of the people may think electric bikes are expensive, but it is NOT! When you go online you may find out that most electric bicycles' prices are up to $1000! But not for Viribus, you can buy an electric bicycle for under 500 and enjoy your riding!

Viribus always promote a healthy and less polluted lifestyle to people! Our electric bicycles achieve zero emissions and do not pollute the atmosphere. For the same distance of 100 kilometers, a car generally needs 5-15 liters of gasoline, and a motorcycle also needs 2-6 liters of fuel, but a Viribs electric bicycle only costs about 1-3 kilowatts of electricity. In the context of the ever-increasing global energy crisis, electric bicycles are a very sensible choice. When more people use more electric bicycles, it contributes to environmental protection.

Viribus electric bicycles are charging easily, and you don’t have to worry about stopping in the middle of the street, even though you are running out of electricity or forgot to recharge it, you still can ride it home like other regular bikes! When you got home Viribus electric bicycles are very convenient to charge. After using the electric bicycle, you only need few hours to enjoy your biking again! This is absolutely more convenient than driving.

Viribus electric bikes are light and foldable! When thinking about electric bicycles, the word "Light Weight" is usually not often thought of. Traditionally, electric bicycles are very heavy, mainly because of the additional weight of batteries. Because of the latest developments in motor and battery technology, the weight of Viribus electric bicycles began to decline significantly and even lighter than ordinary bicycles.


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